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Bakery cycle: Dona Bakery

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Dona bakery

Published by Ani Lilucie


The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about this place called “Dona” in Tbilisi and until you think of something, I will tell you, that it’s a bakery nearby Vazha-pshavela ave and Asatiani street crossing and it’s a conditery in fact, I mean, they have cakes and sweet stuff and, I must say, that they have some good stuff, if you want to know the truth. Though, it’s in a kind of place, where you can not really notice it easily and that’s why I didn’t know about it until just recently, I guess, because it’s not in that obvious place and that’s pretty sad, because it should be on such place, where people can easily notice it and visit it and taste those delicious cakes that they have there.

Well, first time, that I was there I didn’t go there by myself or see it from the street or something like that, but my friend knew about it somehow and she had paid a visit there some time ago and she liked stuff there and that’s why she wanted to take me there, too, so that I would taste their stuff and tell her, whether I liked that or not. 

Dona bakery

Cakes in Dona bakery

So, that day was a pretty good day, I mean, it was the very first time, that I tasted that “kartoshka” as it was called, and, however, it’s a Russian word and I don’t get why they call it that, I can not really say, how it can be in English in one word, it’s like a small potato if you translate it that way, however, I don’t think, that it means, that this thing is a potato or whatever, though it kind of resembles potato because of its shape, but nothing more. It doesn’t have a potato taste or some potato pie in it or anything connected to potato, if you want to know the truth. Anyways , this cake was not large, but not very small either, it was just a normal size and that portion was just enough for me, if you want to know the truth, and it was prepared from chocolate and cocoa powder and things like that and it was very moist and soft and easy to eat and it was pretty delicious and it cost just 50 tetris and I really liked it. It was a great thing, if you wanted some dessert while being on the road or something like that and it gave you the satisfaction of eating it and it was pretty nourishing, if you ask me. So that you could buy it and eat it and you wouldn’t be worried about getting everything here and there, I mean, when you eat other cakes, they can be pretty messy and you can end up with that sweetness on your hands and mouth and things like that and some of them may even be pretty uncomfortable to eat and stuff like that, you know, or maybe you will need to have a fork to eat that cake and if you buy this kartoshka one, you won’t need to worry about any of those things.

They also have those raffaelo balls with coconut flakes around them and my friend especially loves them, though I haven't tasted them and when I bought that kartoshka, she bought the raffaelo one. They are pretty cute and look delicious, I must say, and, I guess, they even have nuts in them, because usually raffaelo has nuts in it or just one of them. Anyways, they are worth tasting and you should definitely try them, and, besides they just cost 50 tetris or so.

The other great things there are those Napoleon cake and trubochka and eclair and choux. You know, if those things in bakery taste good, then I really respect that bakery, because I really love those things, especially Napoleon cake and that choux and I really love their cream filling, because it's soft and light and if their Napoleon cake and choux are delicious, then I think, that every other cake will be delicious , too. So that, if there are those cakes, first of all, I buy one of them and then decide whether to buy some others or not. And I must say, that their eclair is pretty deliciousand if you love eclair, you should really buy it there.

Dona bakery

They also have those large cakes for birthdays and special occasions or just for you and your guests, you know, and they are really beautiful, though I haven't bought any of them there. They are mostly with chocolate, or at least, they have this amazing chocolate glaze on top of them and around, too and they are really beautiful from the outside. And they are not like those cakes, which almost every bakery and supermarket have with those whipping creams and not very good look, I mean, they may be delicious, but their look is awful, or, at least, it's awful for me and I have no desire of eating them unless they are cut and I see the inside and look at it and decide, that it's worth trying. Well, it's like, you should do your best when you are doing something and you should do it like you are doing something unique, you know. And it's bot good for you if you are preparing something and it's really delicious and someone just doesn't like it just by looking at it while they don't know how delicious that cake is. So, you should keep that in mind and always remember. Anyways, those cakes are pretty good and if you judge them by their visuals, they should be really delicious.

They also have these great cupcakes with some fillings in them and the whipping cream on top of them with some chocolate chips and stuff like that and they look really tasty, however I haven’t tasted them. My friend also loves those cupcakes and mini tarts and she has bought them there, too, so that I guess, they are pretty tasty, though I don’t really love eating cupcakes or tarts, because I can’t really eat them, I mean, it’s pretty uncomfortable eating them, because there’s this cream filling and the biscuit is kind of crispy and when you eat it, it gets cracked and it’s  kind of unpleasant when all that cream filling gets on you, you know. You should know how to eat them, I guess, but however I tried, I couldn’t eat them without cracking and getting the cream filling on my hands and things like that, so that if it’s not prepared by me and if I’m not home I don’t usually eat those cupcakes or mini tarts. And I know this place in Pasazhi shopping center, where they have those mini tarts forms and I usually buy them and have them brought at home and then I prepare the cream filling and put it into those tarts and then eat them and I can eat them freely at home, when there are not other people and no one can see you get that cream filling on you and stuff like that.

Well, they also have some other cakes, like Raffaelo and Ideal and black cake with white cream fillingand things like that and I have tasted some of them and they were pretty good, if you want to know the truth, so that, I really recommend them to you.

Dona bakery

How to get there

Well, as I’ve already mentioned, this place is not somewhere on an easily findable place, however, if you want to find it, you will definitely find it and there are those fruits and vegetables sold just beside it and when you see those stuff, you should know, that this place is just next to it. And that place is not very large or anything, so that you should not think, that it’s not worth visiting, because it doesn’t matter what size the room is, the main thing here is, that the cakes there are pretty delicious and if you are somewhere nearby that and you want to have a cake or want to take some cakes for a party or whatever, you should go there and have a look around and you will definitely find something worth buying and interesting.

So, this place is just when you turn downside from this Vazha-pshavela avenue to the Asatiani street towards Kazbegi avenue and it is like in the middle of that road, if you want to know the truth, because that is a small street there and it connects Vazha-pshavela avenue to the Kazbegi avenue. It’s not a big deal getting there, because there are many things, that you can take and get there and, besides, that is a pretty good place for walking, if you ask me. And if you study in Tbilisi State Medical University, then you will definitely know that place, or, at least, have walked there many times. Well, to tell you the truth, though I had been there many times, I still didn’t know anything about that place, until my friend told me about it and took me there to taste some cakes one day. It was a pretty nice place and then, when I wanted to visit it some other day, I walked there and passed it by, because I couldn’t notice it, though I knew, that there was this Dona bakery somewhere there. So that, what I mean is, that it’s kind of hard to notice it and I will tell you that again and again, I guess.

Dona bakery

Well, if you want to get to Dona bakery, you can use the metro, which is a very fast way to get around the city these days and just come out at the Medical University metro station or Delisi metro station. If you are at the Medical University metro station, then there is this bus stop, where the buses come from all around that area and any bus is good for you, because all of them will get to that bus stop, where the crossing is and where this Dona bakery is. There’s this supermarket Nugeshi just across the street in front of that bus station, where you should get out of the bus, so that you will know, when to get out. And if you are on Delisi metro station, then you can even walk from there to Dona bakery, it just takes 5 minutes or 10 to get there, it depends on the speed that you are walking and if you don’t want to walk from there, then you should go to Kazbegi avenue and a little bit to the right and there’s this bus stop, where some buses come and go straight on the Kazbegi avenue and those buses are no.24 and 92 and 150 and you can take either  of them and just get off in one stop and then you should cross the street on the left and then cross the street in front and go to the left, where you will find this Dona bakery. And if you can’t really know, where to go, remember, that there’s this Ori Nabiji supermarket nearby Dona bakeryand it’s like an orientation point for many people, I guess.

Dona bakery

You should also know, that the prices there in Dona bakery are pretty reasonable and they are cheaper, than those ones in the large supermarkets, where many cakes are just not that delicious as those ones in such bakeries like Dona and Dolce Vita and Iti and others. Well, maybe the prices are just similar, I mean, one piece of cake can cost, for example, 2.50 laris, however, there’s a difference in sizes and while large supermarkets offer its customers cakes in small sizes, those bakeries offer them larger sizes of cakes in the same price, so that you should visit those bakeries and have some delicious cakes.

So that, if you are nearby that area and want to have something delicious and tasty and in a good price, you can visit this Dona bakery and have some sweet dessert there, and, besides, there’s this one table there, where you can sit at and enjoy your cake. I remember, when me and my friend went there, we didn’t want to buy some pieces of cakes and eat them outside or somewhere else, I mean, we wanted to have a nice place to sit comfortably and eat them and we saw that one table there with two chairs around it and we asked whether we could sit and eat there and they told us that we could and we sat there and enjoyed our cakes and it was pretty good, of course, and we were pretty satisfied, that we didn’t have to eat them in the street or somewhere else or that we didn’t have to look for a place to sit and eat those cakes.

Dona bakery

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