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Aghmashenebeli Street

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Historical renovated Aghmashenebeli st.

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Aghmashenebeli street has just been renovated in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is really beautiful, if you ask me. It is above the Marjanishvili metro and coming out from metro station you get on Aghmashenebeli street right away.

The architecture is amazing. You look at the buildings and see the beauty. You feel the history of the buildings and you see their modern look all combined together to form just a wonderful mixture.

Marjanishvili Square is a lovely and beautiful place, where many things are located. There’s a circle in the middle of it, and cars go around it. The buildings nearby are really fascinating as they are a combination of historical and modern architecture. There are many stores and cafes and offices on their first floors.

Main places on Aghmashenebeli street

There are many things that you can see and do on Aghmashenebeli street. I will tell you about my favourites.

First of all, there is McDonald's just on the opposite of metro station and so you can easily get to McDonald's and eat there, or just use their bathroom as it's really popular one and besides, there is not anywhere you could use a bathroom and that's really upsetting, why should you go into a restaurant's bathroom when you are not ordering anything?!


To the right

Going out from metro station you will see many people with jewellery, flowers, clothes, sunglasses and other things _ they are selling them in pretty reasonable prices, so you can buy anything you like as they are cheap. There are some people selling old books, too, for just 1 Lari. Those books are from their home libraries and they sell them, so there you can find some really interesting books and they are really worth more than 1 Lari!

There are different shops as soon as you go to your right and there you can buy shoes, clothes and other things and they are really good, I can say. If you are not going to buy anything, just visit the shops and look around, as you will see many things that you can buy some other time. There are perfume shops, too, and they have a wide range of perfume offered for the customers.


Eating places

The main thing, though, I guess, is the eating places. Well, there are lots of eating places there nearby Marjanishvili Square. I’ve already told you about McDonald’s. There’s this Public Coffee café just beside McDonald’s, where they have really delicious pizzas and they don’t cost much and they are pretty large in size. I especially like their Pepperoni Pizza and their chicken Caesar salad. The environment is really nice, but they don’t have many tables, though.

Another dining place which we visit often is called Pilpili. It’s kind of a small restaurant, where you can eat Georgian traditional dishes mostly. It is decorated with old Tbilisi photos of landscapes and people and it’s really beautiful from inside. The service is good and one of the dishes that I can especially go there for is Lobio (cooked beans) in a clay jug with a Mchadi. It is so delicious, that you will remember its taste forever. The beans are nicely seasoned and it has a special taste. This all will just cost you 3 Laris, but the portion is so big, that if you eat it whole, you won’t eat anything else. But trust me, it’s worth everything!


Everyone knows Marjanishvili milkshakes! There’s this small place between McDonald’s and Pilpili and there are sold some delicious milkshakes and donuts (everyone calls those donuts “Pishkebi”). You can have either chocolate, banana or strawberry milkshake for just 1 Lari, and, personally, I love chocolate milkshake. If you like your milkshake to be light and refreshing, you should go there and buy this milkshake. Just remember, that there are always many people there in line as it is a small shop and there are only two clerks, so just be patient and wait for your queue, because that milkshake is really worth waiting. Well, at least I like it, and considering the fact, that many people wait for those milkshakes for minutes, you may say, that they are delicious.


Another dining place is a little further, but it’s a really good place if you love pizza. It’s called Pizza di Roma and it’s located just nearby a park on Aghmashenebeli street. They offer you slices of pizza. So, you can have at least 3 pieces of the same pizza and they have many different pizzas there. The prices range from 1 to 2 Laris per slice, so it’s pretty cool to eat there, as they are pretty tasty.


Nearby Marjanishvili Square

Returning to Marjanishvili Square, going around it you will find Dunkin Donuts, which was opened recently and just in front of it across the street there is Subway.

Then, going up, you will find Marjanishvili theatre on your right, where you can go in and just buy tickets to whichever theatre play you’d like to see, and that is a famous theatre along with Rustaveli theatre in Tbilisi. Just opposite to it you will see Eldorado café _ this is a Barambo café, which is a main chocolate producer in Georgia. You can taste delicious handmade chocolate in Eldorado café and believe me when I tell you that you really should taste them, as they are really delicious, though they are not cheap, of course.

Well, there is even more to tell you about Aghmashenebeli street and Marjanishvili Square, but I think, I told you the main things I like there, so the rest of it you can discover yourself!

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