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Cafe Delice

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Delight is Delice, delit is a misdemeanor

Published by Ani Lilucie


The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about this place called “Delice” and it’s a kind of a café and it’s located nearby Delisi metro station and, I guess, that’s why it’s called “Delice” so that it resembles the metro station name and it’s just nearby it, so that you will understand the fact, you know.

Well, I’ve been there many times and they have been there for quite some time now, I mean, they were not open there some years ago, as I remember, so that it’s not that old building or something like that and it’s really a good place, because it’s just above the metro station and it’s very easy to get to and it’s a nice and comfortable place , where you can hang out with friends or family or you can just go there alone and have a nice meal or something like that, because they have many dishes there, which you can choose and they also have these cakes and stuff like that and the environment is just really nice and it’s very comfortable there, if you want to know the truth, so that I really recommend going there and having some meal. And if you don’t want to eat there, you can always use that take away service and buy whatever you want and take it at home or wherever you want. And , of course, they have those Georgian Khachapuri and Lobiani and potato pie and thingslike that and they are pretty delicious, if you want to know the truth.

How to get to Delice

As I’ve already told you, Delice is located just above the Delisi metro station and it’s a pretty good place there, because you can get there very easily and if you are going there by your car, there’s this parking lot there, too, so that it’s really comfortable going there and nothing is really getting in your way. And I usually take metro and it’s very comfortable for me to get there by metro and you don’t even have to walk towards it, I mean, it’s just in two steps or something like that to get there from the Delisi metro station. So, as you see, you can get there by metro and if you are going there from Rustaveli avenue or something like that, you need to go to the Station Square and then get to this other underground line and get to Delisi metro station that way. That’s pretty easy even if you don’t know anything about the metro in Tbilisi, I mean, it will say that you are on Station Square in the metro and you should get out of that wagon and go on those stairs and then read the sign, which says “The First Line” and go towards there and you should go through this tunnel or whatever and then you go downstairs, where there’s only one side, where people are waiting for that train to come and it goes to Delisi metro station and it’s the last stop, so that you won’t miss it. And then, when you go out of the metro station, there are two ways of getting out, you should go to that same direction that the train went and then you should go to the left and go upstairs. When you get above the metro, you should go to your right and then in some steps, you will see all those fruit and vegetable sold outside and just when you get by it, there will be this Delice on your left side and there’s this sign in pink, which says its name “Delice”. And you will just notice it, because it has transparent doors and there you can see some dishes and cakes on the shelves, so that you will guess, that this is the place.

The other method of getting there is by bus and there are many buses going to Delisi metro station and they go there from every direction, I guess and it’s not really a problem to get there by bus from many places. Well, let me tell you about them. First of all, if you are on Vazha-pshavela avenue, you can take 150, 24, 49 buses and, well, any bus except for the bus No.87, because it doesn’t have a stop on Delisi metro station, however, it still goes there and has a stop just when it turns to the left and goes towards Kazbegi crossing. And then you can go up to Delisi metro station and then go to Delice, you know, however, it’s easier to get directly to the metro station bus stop, of course. Anyways, if you are on Rustaveli avenue or Chavchavadze or something like that and you want to get to Delisi metro station, then there are these 140 and 88 number buses, which go to the Delisi metro station and you should take those buses from those places and you can easily get there by them. And the buses cost 50 tetris and you should take the ticket, because usually there are those control guys on Delisi metro station bus stop and you will get fined by 5 Laris if you don’t have a ticket.

And there are many microbuses going towards Delisi metro station and you can take many of them, however, they usually cost 80 tetris and I don’t really like taking them, because there are not really empty seats to sit and I prefer buses to those microbuses. However, you can take microbus No.2 and 51 and 137 and 184 and others to Delisi metro station and then cross the road and get to that Delice.

And you can always get there by car and it’s really comfortable getting there by that transport, because there’s nothing, that may get in your way and the traffic there is not pretty crowded or something like that and, well, usually you can find some place to park there, so that you should think about that, too.


The environment

To be honest, I didn’t think, that it would be that comfortable there inside, because it didn’t really seem to be like that decorated and stuff like that, you know. And I always went to this other diner just nearby and ate things there. However, this other day, when I decided, that I would go inside this Delice and taste that Tiramisu, which I long waited for to taste, I went there and was left pretty surprised by the environment around there. I mean, every time I went there, I just used to look around and see which dishes they had and which cakes and stuff like that and I would see those round tables there and I didn’t think, that there would be another place inside, and there was this large room just next to those shelves and I couldn’t see it from the entering and it was a pretty comfortable one, if you want to know the truth and I was pretty surprised, when I got there.

Well, there are some round tables with chairs outside the Delice café, however, most of the tables are inside, of course, because there;s not much space outside there because of the sidewalk and people going here and there and walking there, you know. The doors are made from glass and they are transparent and so that you can easily see what they have there from the very outside and if you don’t want to get inside and look at those dishes there, you can just look from the outside and then decide, whether you want to get inside or not. Then, the very first thing you see are those shelves in front of you and there are those dishes like salads and stuff like that on the left and there are some French fries and mchadi and Chvishtari and things like that on the right and there are Khachapuri and Lobiani and other stuff above them and there’s a cashier just between them. And if you are interested in cakes, you can turn on your right when entering and there you will see those delicious cakes, that they have there.


So, when you buy those things, that you want to eat, you can either take them with you or eat them there, and, well, mostly people buy things there to eat there at that time. When you take your order, then you can go to the left, where there are those forks and knives and spoons and other things, which you can take with you to the table. And there are these different tables and most of them are round, and they have these black leather comfortable pretty chairs and there are some wooden seats across the wall, which have these soft seats in light blue colour and small cute pillows with red and white lines  and they are very comfortable, if you want to know the truth.

Then you look around and you see those walls made to look like a brick wall and it makes the whole environment look like really cozy and stuff like that and there are those paintings and signs and drawings on those walls. I really liked those paintings, because they were really good on those walls and they made it look not boring or stuff like that, you know. And there was this huge sign in front of me saying “Delight is Delice, delit is a misdemeanor” and then there was this drawing of an inside of a room with couches and walls and things like that. And just beneath that sign, there was this door painted in a blue colour and that blue colour just reminded me of that series called “Doctor Who” and the colour that the box is in there. However, I never watched that series, and though once I got interested in it because of all those people watching it and saying some things and waiting for it and stuff like that, I just saw this first pilot or something like that and I definitely didn’t like it, so that I haven’t seen any of those series after that, and, well, maybe it’s pretty interesting, however, I don’t really want to watch it some time soon, I guess.

Anyways, if you want to have a meal in a comfortable, cozy atmosphere and not go to some restaurant or fast food place, you can get there to Delice and have a meal there, because it’s a really good place and I really recommend it. And, besides, the prices are just reasonable and the food there is pretty tasty, too. And you have much of a choice of salads and cakes and other things there, if   you want to know the truth. So that, it’s not a bad idea at all to visit it, and, besides, if you are nearby Delisi metro station and want to hang out somewhere in a place like that, you should go there. And if you don’t like anything there, you can always go out, you know, it’s not a problem , of course, however, I don’t think, that when gone inside, you will want to get out, because there are plenty of things, that you can choose to eat and you will like the atmosphere there inside, too and you will want to sit there and eat, if you ask me.


What the café offers to the customers

So, I’ve already mentioned those things above, however, now I will tell you about that in some details. Well, to tell you the truth, they mostly have salads and cakes and those pastry and Lobiani and Khachapuri and things like that and if you want to have some dishes with meat and poultry and stuff like that, you shouldn’t really go there, because I haven’t seen those ones there, if you want to know the truth. For that, you can go to some other places, and that other place can be just beside that café Delice and there’s this other place like that and it’s called a family diner NG and they have plenty of meat dishes and chicken fillets and stuff like that and they are all very delicious, if you want to know the truth.

Anyways, if you want to have some pretty good salads, you should go there and choose any of them, you know. They mostly have those salads like spinach and Greek salad and eggplant salads with walnuts and without them and some Kuchmachi and chicken liversand things like that, and olivie and carrot salads and, well, to be honest, if you love those kinds of salads, you should definitely visit that café Delice and have them tasted, because they look pretty good and tasty and you will like them, I guess.


Well, they have many cakes there and I liked some of them and some of them I haven’t really tasted, however, they looked pretty delicious when I saw them, and, well, as you know, you can’t really eat every one of them with just one visit and the pieces of those cakes are pretty large and even one person can’t really eat them, if you ask me, and, besides, it’s like you want to taste every one of them and that’s pretty bad, when they are so large, because then you just have to choose one of them and take that one and eat it, because otherwise, if you choose to have some of them, then while eating you will realize, that you can’t eat the whole thing and then you will just have to leave them like that and it’s not that good, if you ask me, because I don’t really love leaving something like that, I mean, leaving your food or cake or whatever like that, half eaten or whatever. It’s not that pleasant for anyone, if you ask me. That’s why there should be some boundaries or something like that, I mean, they should understand , that it’s better to have smaller pieces of cakes and that way the customers will buy more cakes, I mean, they will buy some different cakes and not just that one, which they will choose after quite some time of looking and it’s not that simple to choose just one cake, if you want to know the truth. I would really like to see that there are small pieces of cakes sold in some cafes or supermarkets or whatever and the prices should be relevant, too , of course, because, for example, if I buy some piece of cake, which is half of the size of that large piece of cake, I should just pay half of its price, you know, and not more or whatever. You can’t really understand, but while eating, it’s not that obvious, however, when you have finished half of it, then you realize, that it’s more than enough and you can’t really eat the whole one, or if you eat it, then you will have this discomfort and a feeling of fullness and stuff like that and no one loves that, if you want to know the truth.

They had this Tiramisu there, which I really wanted to taste and it looked kind of strange, however, it still looked delicious and I got pretty interested in it, if you want to know the truth, however, I couldn’t decide whether  I wanted to have it or not and finally I decided to taste it and when I went into this café and looked at the cakes, there was not that kind of Tiramisu there, however, there was another one with those dome-like things on top of it and it still was the Tiramisu, so that I thought, that since I was there for a Tiramisu , I might as well have that Tiramisu then, so that I took one piece of it and it was 3 Laris and I thought, that it would meet my expectations, however, then I realized, that it was not that kind of Tiramisu, that I expected it to be, I mean, it was totally different from those Tiramisus that I have tasted and it didn’t really have that Tiramisu taste, if you want to know the truth. I mean, it’s not just the mascarpone cheese that makes it Tiramisu, but there’s this espresso essence and rum essence and everything and you just can’t use mascarpone cheese and sprinkle some cocoa powder on top of it and expect it to be Tiramisu, and it didn’t have any of those things that are characteristic to Tiramisu, except for the shape and look, if you ask me. And I remembered this other Tiramisu, which I tasted in na place like that and it was kind of the same, I mean, it didn’t have that rum essence or the coffee flavor and it was just a different thing from the actual Tiramisu and that was pretty disappointing, because I really wanted to eat some really delicious Tiramisu and it just was not even close and that was when I realized, that I had missed my Tiramisu and that I would soon have to prepare some Tiramisu for myself, because either I had to find some place to taste some real Tiramisu, or I had to prepare it myself, and it was better to prepare it myself than to look for it in the whole city, because if I prepared it, I would know, how to prepare it and I would prepare it just the way I liked and I wouldn’t be disappointed in other Tiramisu cakes, which I would have to taste while looking for delicious one, you know. And the cream filling of this Tiramisu in café Delice was something really strange, because it looked like that jelly thing or whatever it is, that this “Chitis Rdze” has and I don’t know what they call it in English, if you want to know the truth. It’s like a pudding or something like that and I really don’t like it in the cakes, because it doesn’t make the cake taste better, rather , it makes it taste less delicious and it’s not something that I like in cakes, in general, if you want to know the truth.

Anyways, there were these other cakes, which I liked very much and they were something, that I hadn’t seen anywhere else in such places , if you want to know the truth. They were small Napoleon cakes and they were pretty cute and looked just really yummy and one time I took two of them and brought them home, because my father really loves that Napoleon cake and it was something very interesting and I just wanted him to taste it and tell me what he thought about those cakes and if he liked them, then I would still buy it some other time, of course, and I would know, that they tasted delicious and they were worth trying, you know. And they said, that those cakes were pretty delicious and the cream filling was pretty good, so that I know, that if I want some cute small pieces of Napoleon cake, I can go there to café Delice and buy them. Well, there’s another thing, I was telling you about those large pieces of cakes and how uncomfortable it is to have that kind of cakes all around and how good it would be if they were half of their sizes or things like that, and those Napoleon cakes were just them, I mean, they were small and cute and just right for one person to eat just one of them and not feel like they are full and can’t eat anything else. They were pretty much the right size and if you wanted to have some light dessert and a small one, you could just get the order and take it or eat it there or whatever.


There’s another thing, too. Anyone, who is from our parents generation or older, knows about Laghidze Waters and they remember that time, when it was very popular and if you wanted to drink some Laghidze Waters, you should have been in a line for quite some time and thhen there were no places for you to seat anywhere and you had to stand there in a line for just to get that Laghidze Water, and you had to stand like that for quite some time and wait for your turn and when they gave you that drink, there was no place to sit and you had to drink it while standing like that, you know. Well, of course, you could go somewhere nearby and drink it there, however, I’m talking about the place to sit and there were no places to sit around, if you want to know the truth. And one of the famous Laghidze Waters was located on Rustaveli avenue and I can’t really imagine, how many people there would have been during the day, because as I know, everyone just walked down to Rustaveli avenue every day and especially after the afternoon. So, what I want to tell you is, that they have that Laghidze Waters in café Delice and they are in those shapes and machine, which were used back in those days in Laghidze Waters and it’s like a symbolic one, you know. So that, if anyone feels like missing Laghidze Waters, they can visit this place and have them there. The usual stuff were the chocolate and cream one, tarragon one, orange one and cherry one, as I know, and, well, my father loves Laghidze Waters very much and his favourite one has been the tarragon one so far, however, I love that chocolate and cream one and I remember, that when we used to drink those waters, they usually didn’t have that chocolate and cream one, and I was so disappointed almost all the time, because they were almost every time run out of it, because many people loved it and they bought it plenty, I guess. Anyways, there are still some branches of Laghidze Waters in Tbilisi and I know, that one of them is located nearby Philarmony, or to be exact, it’s just in between the Philarmony and Rustaveli metro station. And there’s this underground and the stairs just in front of it, so that it’s easy to find it and not that difficult to access, you know, and they have many things on menu, however, most of the people go there to have some Laghidze waters and eat some Khachapuri, because they have some great Khachapuri, too, and, besides, it’s a very popular dish in Georgia, so that everyone just eats it and it’s not just tourists, who like Khachapuri, if you want to know the truth.

Well, I have told you much about this place nearby Delisi metro station called café Delice, and I must say, that first time that I saw this café, I thought, that the prices there would be pretty high and it wouldn’t be worth going there, however, when  I went there and saw all those things and just tasted some of them, they were pretty good and the prices were just normal, too, I mean, the prices were like in any family diner or supermarket and they were not much different from each other, so that people could go there and eat some pretty delicious stuff. And if you are nearby Delisi metro station and you are hungry or something like that or if you just want to hang out somewhere, you can get to café Delice and have a meal there or whatever. It’s a really good place and it’s pretty easy to find, and you won’t really get disappointed in dishes, just about the Tiramisu, you know, but now that I have told you about that, I guess, you won’t take Tiramisu there, or, if you like Tiramisu that way, you can enjoy eating it, of course.

So that, if you are nearby Delisi metro station and you want to sit somewhere in a good place, you can visit café Deliceand hang out there with some pretty good dishes and desserts. And, besides that, you can have that Laghidze Waters drink there, if you want to, and I recommend trying the chocolate and cream one and I think, that you will like it.


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