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Bakery cycle: Iti Bakery

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Iti conditery

Published by Ani Lilucie

Iti conditery

The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about this place in Tbilisi called "Iti" and it's a baking place, where they have all those cakes and croissants and birthday cakes and stuff like that and those ones are pretty delicious and this place is one of those places worth visiting and buying some things there. And it's not difficult to find this place, because it's nearby Delisi metro station and it's just on the side of the street and it's really easily noticeable comparing to some other places, which you won't see just like that.

Well, when I first went there it was not like I saw it and went there, I mean, my friend knew that place and she told me to get there and have something to eat and they also had those Khachapuri and Lobiani and stuff like that back then and they had those tables and chairs and you could go inside and sit there comfortably and eat those pastry stuff and enjoy it, you know, however, now they just have these cakes and no sitting places, so that if you want to buy something there, you have to eat it outside or somewhere else or take it with you and do whatever you want and it’s not that good, I mean, there should be some place to sit and eat your cake, because not everyone wants to take that piece of cake all the way to their homes, you know, and I usually buy cakes just to eat them on my way somewhere and not at home, because it’s really not that comfortable to take those cakes at home because of transportation and it may get crashed or whatever, and, besides, they are not that easy to be carried and most of the shops and markets like that give you this carton to put the cake and they just put it in a polyethylene bag after that and if the cake has this cream filling or chocolate glaze or something like that it sticks to that bag and it’s awful after that and I just hate that, you know, however, I can’t really do anything about it, because they don’t really have anything else to put the cake into. Though, those large supermarkets and conditeries offer you some transparent containers and carton boxes for you to carry those pieces of cakes and that’s pretty awesome. Well, the supermarkets have those containers and the conditeries have carton boxes, mostly, however, those boxes are not free, either, I mean, they kind of cost 1 lari or something like that, I guess. But it’s the large one that costs that, if I remember it correctly. Anyways, it’s not that bad if you are buying many things together and you need to have a box to carry them with you, however, if you just want this one piece of cake to eat it right away, you don’t need another box, you just need a place to sit and a fork to eat it, you know, and nothing else, and when there’s no place to sit around there, it’s really bad for you and for that conditery, too, if you ask me.

Anyways, this place is full of cakes and there are all those different cakes there, which you will find pretty delicious and it’s really hard to choose just one of them or something like that, you know, because they all look amazing.

Iti conditery

How to get there

Well, getting there is just very simple and easy and it doesn’t take much effort to find this place either. It’s just nearby the Delisi metro station and it’s like right above the underground, which goes to the metro, you know. However, there are two enterings to the metro and you shouldn’t get confused by that. This Iti place is located on the other entering and not the main one and this main one is where many people are gathered and where the bus stop is, so that you will get that this is not the place you are looking for by the fact that there are many people around there. So that, if you see a crowded place on Delisi metro station, then you should know, that it’s the main entering place to the metro and you need the other one and then you should go back on Vazha-pshavela ave. you know, opposite to the direction of cars driving, then you will have to cross the street and then you will see these stairs getting to the underground and after that you will notice this place and sign of “Iti”. It’s not a large place or something like that, you know. It’s just a small, cozy room with some fridges and shelves and a table nearby the door and if you are waiting for something huge, you will get disappointed in that, however, you won’t get disappointed in cakes, if you want to know the truth.

Anyways, you can get there by any bus, which goes to Vazha-pshavela avenue and those buses are, for example, bus No.150, 24, 21, 140, 88, 92, 49, 47 and others. They all have that bus stop on the main metro entering _ the one, that I talked about and from there you can just walk for 1 or 2 minutes towards Iti and get there with no problem.

And if you are going there by car, there’s a parking lot just in front of that place and you can park your car there and go inside and choose whichever cake you like.

So, as you can see, getting to Iti conditery is just very simple and it’s pretty much comfortable to get there and buy some cakes because of its location and accessibility.

Iti conditery

Cakes in Iti

Well, Iti offers all sorts of cakes to its customers, at least, almost all sorts of cakes, I mean, they have fasting cakes and pound cakes and cakes with cream fillings and stuff like that. However, I should warn you at the very beginning, that they don’t have cheesecakes or Tiramisu, so that if you are looking for one, you won’t find them there. Though, they have some other delicious cakes, that you might like and if you haven’t tasted some of them, it’s a good place to taste them, because they are all very delicious, I must say, and I haven’t eaten anything bad there.

First of all, I must tell you, that one of the very first things, that I tasted there was this Trubochka and Napoleon cake and that Napoleon cake was really delicious and it cost just 1 lari, so that it was really cheap for that large piece of cake , if you ask me. And when I saw it, it looked really tasty and it had all that cream filling and powdered sugar and stuff like that and it was pretty large one, so that I bought it, because I was going to my aunt’s and I knew, that she loved Napoleon cake, too, so that I took it there and when we tasted it, we liked it very much, because it was not that sweet and it was very light and soft and easy to eat and it was just perfect for a light dessert, you know. And it was not like those very sweet and nourishing cakes, which make you feel full and heavy and things like that. And I even had it taken at home then and they all liked this Napoleon cake, if you want to know the truth, so that it’s really tested and liked and I recommend buying that Napoleon cake if you love it and if you want to taste it, you know.

Well, the other interesting thing there is this Opium cake, which my friend loves very much and the first time that I went to Iti was because of that, I mean, she wanted to buy that Opium cake and she asked me to come along and when we got there they had this white cute Opium cake with lemon and she bought it and it was about 2 laris or so and it was kind of a large portion, if you ask me, however, it was not too much for her, if you want to know the truth. This cake is really worth trying and if you love sweet stuff and something crispy in your cakes, you should definitely taste that one!

Iti conditery

The other thing, that I have tasted there and liked very much is this black cake with white cream filling and it’s very moist and delicious and just like I love it, I mean, I like those many payers of biscuits and white vanilla cream filling between them and when it’s moist and not dry and I have tasted many cakes like that, however I hadn’t liked any of them , because they were not the same as I was looking for, and once when I tasted this chocolate glazed cake here in Iti, it was just the one that I wanted and it was pretty good and it only cost 1.5 or something like that, so that it was just perfect, if you want to know the truth.

You know, there are these simple, but still not that simple things, like éclair and choux and Trubochka, which have the same vanilla cream filling and are very delicious and they are pretty good and everyone loves them, I guess, because that cream filling is like that of Napoleon cake’s and they are pretty light and less sweet and you just enjoy eating them, you know, so that it’s really great having them on coffee or something like that and I really love having them anytime and I can eat plenty of them, if it’s especially choux and everyone knows, that I love choux and I can eat lots of it, so that when I visit my aunt, she just knows, that she should have some choux prepared and she usually prepares them when I am visiting her. The dough is pretty light, too, I must say and when you eat those things, it’s just so light, that you can not really understand how much you can eat, until you look at your plate and you see that there are no more chouxs there and that’s pretty hilarious sometimes. So, if you are having some choux and you are having it with me, beware, because I can eat all of it in just a second and you won’t be able to eat anything left from it, because I don’t leave anything from it, you know.

There are all those different sized chouxs and it’s really good to have small ones, because then you just have to swallow the whole one, if you want to know the truth, however, it’s not that it has much cream filling, I mean, when you have a large one, it has more cream filling and less dough than the same amount of cream filling is in some chouxs, I mean, if we take the same amount of cream filling that is needed for one large choux and put it into small ones, you will need three or more small chouxs and that means more dough, you know, and if you don’t want to have much dough and just cream filling, you should buy the large choux, of course. Well, I always like the large ones, however, if you just want to have a small dessert, you may choose that small one and enjoy it and it won’t be too much calories for you to take at the same time, you know, and, well, you can always buy another one if you want to and if that one was not enough for you, of course. My aunt prepares something in the middle, I mean, those chouxs are nor very large and not very small , either, so that they are just normal and I’m pretty satisfied with them. And I have just found out recently, that my cousin loves choux just like me and that’s not very good for my aunt, you know, because me and my cousin love choux and that’s just double of the amount of choux that she had to prepare, you know. Well, she can’t really do anything about it, but to prepare as many choux as she can, and, trust me, preparing those choux is not that easy and you need to put much effort in them,if you ask me, because it needs to make all those doughs and then the cream filling and then put that cream filling into those doughs and stuff like that and for me it’s just really time-consuming and something, that needs too much energy and effort. I prefer doing some simpler things, you know, for example, baking a pound cake and stuff like that.

Iti conditery

Well, if you love choux and you want to have some of them, you can always go and buy them, or if you want to prepare some cream filling yourself and have some choux without baking the dough, you can visit Pasazhi shopping center, where they have this choux dough and you can buy them and put that cream filling inside them and that will be it. To be honest, it’s been just recently that I have noticed, that they have choux doughs sold there and I’m pretty sure, that they didn’t have them some time ago. They only had those mini tart doughs there and they cost 20 tetris each or something like that and those choux doughs cost about 25 tetris each, if I remember it correctly. Anyways, you can always have some choux if you want to and you can prepare it without baking the dough, you know.

Well, there are so many things there, that I haven’t tasted yet and it’s really something, that I should taste some time. And I really recommend visiting this place and having some cakes tasted. And, besides, they have these birthday cakes and cakes for some occasions or whatever and you can even order some cakes just like you want them to be and they can prepare it for you and the prices are pretty reasonable, I mean, the smallest cake costs 10 laris or so and it’s not that small, if you want to know the truth. I mean, it’s just a perfect size, when you are having some guests at home like up to 10 people, I guess, and that cake can be just enough for that amount of people, if you ask me. It’s not that great idea to have a large cake when you don’t have many people invited or whatever, and you can have the cake just enough, you know, because when the cake is really large and there are not many guests, it’s just left like that and then you have to eat it yourself or invite people again or do something like that, otherwise, you just have to throw it into the trash and that is the last thing, that I want to do with my cake, you know, because someone put some effort in preparing it and I just throw it out, that’s not a good thing to do. Of course, that person will never know what happened to the cake, however, I will know and I will feel horrible for doing that and I can’t do that and that’s why I eat the whole cake after that if no one can come and eat it or something like that. And then you can see, why it’s not that good idea to have a large cake for some small party or whatever.

So that, if you want to have some good cakes in reasonable prices, you should visit Iti nearby Delisi metro stationand just enjoy your shopping there. It’s a really comfortable place to get to and the service is pretty good and you won’t get disappointed in it, if you ask me.

Iti conditery

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