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Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

Published by Ani Lilucie

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about a place in Tbilisi called Coffeesta. This is a place nearby metro station Rustaveli, where many important things are located and where every tourist goes to see some things and stuff like that. Well, many Georgians like that place, too, and you will see many people walking around there just hanging around with friends and having fun or sitting nearby those stairs and stuff like that. Well, that is a place, where most of the people meet, and you may even accidentally meet many acquaintances, whom you usually would never meet anywhere else. So that, this place is like a meeting place for everyone, besides, there are those Georgian traditional things and paintings of some painters there on sale and stuff and they call it “The Exhibition”and people just go and see it and buy things or just look at them or whatever. I didn’t really know, that this place was called “The Exhibition” and when my friend told me some time earlier, that I could buy some thing, which I needed then, there at the exhibition, I didn’t really get what the exhibition was called, because I didn’t realize, that it was called like that. I was looking for some gallery or a building, where the exhibitions would be held, however, I didn’t find any, of course, and then she explained to me, that the exhibition was not an actual one, but the place was called like that because of those things put out there for people.

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

Anyways, if someone says anything about the exhibition on Rustaveli ave, nearby the metro station, you will now know, what they are talking about and won’t be like me, that I didn’t know anything about it. so, it was all great, until I remember, how expensive things are on Rustaveli ave. I mean, last  summer, me and two of my friends were walking down on Rustaveli ave and one of them was really thirsty and she wanted to buy some water. When we saw a cabin or whatever it is called, where there’s this lady, who sells some useful things, including water, she rushed to it and told her to give her a bottle of water, and then when she asked how much it would cost, this woman told her 1 Lari and, well, she paid one Lari for a 500 ml of water, when, in fact, this bottle full of water costs 30 Tetris in the supermarkets. That’s how they do business on Rustaveli ave. That was pretty shocking for me, I mean, if she said 50 Tetris, then it would still make sense to me, however, 1 Lari was too much!

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

Well, this Coffeesta is located above the underground crossing on the Rustaveli ave near the metro station Rustaveli and McDonald’s and it’s really a good place and it’s just decorated really well. It’s a really lovely and cozy place and the prices are pretty good, too. However, there’s not much place there and the tables are less, too, I mean, there can not be many people at the same time, because there are not many tables and stuff like that there. Well, I hope, that they will add some more places there, so that many people can visit it and enjoy the environment there, because the things they have are pretty delicious and they have some offerings, too, and, well, to be honest, I would really visit it often with pleasure. And the place is just perfect, I mean, it’s really good place for me, because I can easily get there and then go back to my apartment.

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

Visiting Coffeesta

So, this other day I was to meet my friend and then I got a call from her telling me, that we could meet somewhere in a good place and have lunch and talk and things like that, you know.  she suggested going to Coffeesta and  I agreed to that immediately, because it had been a long time that I’ve been wanting to go there, however, I wasn’t able to do that because of some busy time and, well, we always went to some other places and I haven’t suggested going there to my friends. So, I just loved this idea and we decided to meet each other there, because we had some other things to do until that and then we would go to Rustaveli metro station and meet each other at the exhibition and the Coffeesta was next to it, of course and then we would go into there.

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

It was somewhere about 3 p.m. when I finished my things and went into this Varketili metro station and it would take me 10-15 minutes to get to Rustaveli metro station and that’s really a short time comparing to going there by bus or a minibus, because it would take much more, especially if there were traffic jams in the streets. So, I would get there sooner than my friend. She was on Saburtalo and getting to Rustaveli metro station from there needed much more time, than from Varketili metro station. However, it was not a problem to wait for her, of course.

Till I waited, I went into McDonald’s and saw what they had in there. Well , there were many people in there, as always, and there were not any places free, and there were even more coming in and waiting in the lines and stuff like that. Well, maybe that was because it was a Saturday afternoon, however there’s always so many people in every McDonald’s. so that, I went out and went to see this exhibition. There were some good stuff there. I particularly liked this painting of lilacs. You know, I’ve been wanting to paint some lilacs for  a long time, however, I hadn’t have time to do that. So that I walked there around this exhibition and looked at those stuff “exhibited” there and stuff like that. However, my friend called me and said that she would be late and that there were too many people in the metro and she couldn’t get into the  train, and, well, I know that situation, because there are always so many people in the metro, too, and there are too many people everywhere, if you want to know the truth. So that I told her, that I would wait for her, of course. In the meantime, I would write some articles, I guess and I would get some wi-fi hotspot to get on facebook and chat with my friends or something like that. Well, I sat on that thing above the underground stairs, where I know there’s this wi-fi hotspot of TBC bank , you know, they always have free wi-fi hotspots there in TBC bank and that’s why I like their branches there.  So I chatted with my other friend, who I haven’t seen for a long time now, I think, although she is really close, however, we couldn’t really arrange a meeting to see each other, if you want to know the truth.

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

Anyways, I was sitting there, waiting for my friend when there was this kind of a sudden change on the weather and it was all windy and cold and  freezing and I was even going to go into this Coffeesta or somewhere else, when I saw my friend and I was like “finally” and we went in. well, the environment there was pretty good. It was all cozy and stuff like that and I really liked it. as I’ve already mentioned above, I have been wanting to go to Coffeesta for a long timeand I would just walk by it and look at it and never go inside, because I usually walk alone and I wouldn’t like to sit there alone eating something, especially, when I didn’t know the place, I mean, if I had visited it once or even several times with friends or something like that, then the place would be some kind of a familiar one and I would not feel uncomfortable sitting there alone eating something or doing something. However, it was not that case and so that I didn’t really have a willing of going there alone.

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

What you can eat at Coffesta

Well, we went in and, since my friend had already been there, she knew exactly what she wanted to order. However, I didn’t know anything and I was looking at all those stuff, thinking what I wanted to eat.

I knew that they had some offerings there, but they have those offerings during some certain times, and we didn’t get there during those times, however, they had some other good things, besides those offerings, so that it was not a problem, I could look around and decide, which one I wanted.

So, if you go there in the morning until the noon, you can get this breakfast thing, Morning Special, from 8:00 till 12:00. You can have coffee and muffin or cookies or croissant for just 5 Laris in all and that’s really a good offering , if you ask me, because you can get there in the morning until going to work or the university and have a great sweet breakfast.

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

There’s another special offer for the visitors during 12:00 and 15:00 and 21:00 till 23:00 when you can have some kind of lunch. You can choos Bruschetta or sandwich and an iced tea for just 6 Laris. And , trust me, this Bruschetta or sandwich is pretty large, so that it’s enough for someone wanting to have lunch.

So, my friend ordered this Greek salad and some juice. And though I was hungry, I didn’t know what I wanted. While I was looking around, she went upstairs to see whether there were free places or not. And in the meantime, I saw all those dishes, that they were offering its customers.

There were some Lobianis, which cost somewhere about 2 Laris and their size was pretty normal and they looked good, too.

They also had some sandwiches with salami and stuff like that, which were about 3 Laris, I guess, and they looked pretty fine, too, and I would eat them with pleasure, if you want to know the truth.

They also had chicken wraps and vegetable wraps and they were about 3 Laris and I asked whether the chicken wraps had onions in them and they told me, that they didn’t have any, so that I was really glad about that situation, because when eating onions, then you have this smell from the mouth, which I hate very much. so that, I could eat chicken wrap there and it would be great!

Now about the sweet stuff!

They had different croissants. They had French ones, without anything. They had chocolate ones and the ones with vanilla cream filling. They all looked very tasty. Though there were these kind of croissants with chocolate in them and almonds on top of them, which I liked very much and I was going to have them, however, I was hungry at first, so that I wanted to eat something before them.

They also had this Brownie with caramel, which looked really delicious and it just cost somewhere about 2 Laris , if I remember it correctly.

They also had cheesecakes. Those cheesecakes were about 3 to 5 Laris, I guess, and they were lemon cheesecakes and cherry cheesecakes and they all looked just really delicious and I couldn’t choose any of them, I just wanted to taste all of those cakes, which there were. I will probably taste them some other time, because that time I didn’t take any of them.

There’s this variety of coffees, which Coffesta offers its customers, too, and there’s this one, which I really want to taste. It’s a Mocha Hazelnut coffeeand it looks really good on that picture, that they have on Facebook, however, I didn’t take it that day either, because the thing, that I ate was pretty nourishing and I didn’t want to eat anything else then.

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

There was this thing, a slice of bread with ham and cheese and oregano and it looked really delicious and it cost up to 4 Laris and it was pretty large, it was called Bruschetta or something like that and I decided to take it and taste it and see how it was. They asked me whether I wanted it to be heated and I told them that I would like that, so that I was sent to the cashier to tell her about my order and then to wait for my order. I went to the cashier girl and told her my order and I gave her my card to pay and then I waited for my order next to the cashier. Well, they brought my order pretty quickly and I was kind of surprised because of that, however, I didn’t say anything and I went upstairs, too, because my friend had messaged me, that she had found a place there and she was sitting at the table upstairs.

Well, I went upstairs and I started eating my Bruschetta. I noticed, that it was not heated and I was kind of disappointed because of that, however, I still continued eating it. and there was this thing, too, that it was on a plastic plate and there were plastic fork and knife, and it was pretty hard to eat with those things, because it was hard to cut the edges of the bread with that knife, if you want to know the truth. Though this Bruschetta was pretty delicious and I liked it, and imagine, if it was heated, it would have been even more delicious and it would have been really amazingly tasty.

Anyways, of course, you should drink some coffee at Coffeesta and every other one was drinking one there, I guess, however, we didn’t take any coffee, because we didn’t feel like it, I guess, we were more like hungry and not there for coffee and sweets, however, some other time I would like to taste this Mocha with hazelnuts. Well, it’s with the flavor,  I guess, and it should be delicious.

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

The environment

Now I want to tell you a little bit about the environment there. The entrance door is pretty cool, it’s like an old door painted with black paint and it’s pretty easy to open and it’s kind of light, too. When you go in, there’s this smart and cozy environment and there’s this bar-like tables and chairs on your left. And in front of it, you will see the cashier and the window shops, where there are sandwiches and croissants and all the other things put for you to choose what you would like. Each one of them has this sign in front of them, saying what they cost and what they are. Then there’s this cashier, and the orders’ place, and behind them , there you will see the sign, where there’s written coffee names and their costs and stuff like that, so that everything is really smartly decided and you can have all the information about everything at once if you look where you should look.

Then, if you go upstairs, you will see a decorative wallpaper on the walls around the stairs and there are these colourful papers stick above the stairs on the wall with the opinions of the customers, I guess. There are several tables with chairs and couches there and the environment is really pleasing and there’s not much light, but enough for everything. There are some great pictures and decorative things around the walls and on the floor and on the tables. There are these lamps there and stuff like that, too.

When we got there, there were some people sitting at the tables, having coffee and laptops there and searching for some stuff or I don’t really know. there were these Korean girls, who had their laptops on the table and they were surfing the net and I don’t know what they were doing, but their faces were all serious and stuff. There were some other Georgians there, too, and they were philosophy students,I guess, or , at least, that’s what we thought about them, and there was this one guy, who could not stop talking and he was just talking the whole time about some philosophers and why humans do some things and stuff like that. He just wouldn’t stop talking and it was pretty annoying, because he was talking kind of loud and that’s what made the environment not that much cozy, as we anticipated that it would have been. And there was this music on, too, however, it all would be just great , if there was not this guy talking too  loudly.

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

Anyways, there were some other girls around, too. And there was this one , who was just sitting on a couch and it turned out ,that she was waiting for her friend. And until then, the security came to her, asking her about the purpose of her sitting there and she told him, that she was waiting for her friend to come and that this friend was ordering something downstairs or something like that. And this security wanted to know, whether that was true or not, because there were no empty places there and some people wanted to have lunch there and they couldn’t, because of that situation, so that this security told her, that if she was just sitting there doing nothing, I mean, ordering nothing, then she should leave, because she was taking a place, which someone else would really appreciate..  well, soon this friend came and she brought their order , so that this security just went away. You know, there should be much tables there, so that everyone who is willing to visit the Coffesta could enjoy being there and not worrying about whether there will be free places or not. It’s really bad for the café or whatever its customers to be all wondering, whether they can get a place when going into there or not.

Coffeesta is not just for the coffee lovers!

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