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Zhvania Clinic of Pediatry

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If you have children to see the doctor

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The introduction

In this article I want to telll you about this clinic called Zhvania clinic, which is in Dighomi and it's a children's clinic, so that many people take their children there for consultations and analysis and stuff like that. They also do the operations there, so that you can take your child there and have many doctors; consultations and be just relaxed, because there are some good doctors working there and they willtake good care of your child.

To be honest, now I'm sitting here in Zhvania clinic on the second floor and there has been a flow of parents with children and they are going to the laboratory first, I guess, and there's a laboratory on the second floor, where they take their children. It's kind of surprising for me, because I didn't really expect it to be so many people here with their little children and big ones and everything.


How to get to Zhvania clinic

Well, it's better if you go there by your car, however, if you don't have a car, then you must take public transport, of course, or go there by taxi. and mostly , going to Zhvania clinic by taxi is a better idea, when you have a little child to carry ith you, rather than going there by public transport, such as bus or microbus, of course. Well, because that I don't have to carry a child or take anyone with me to see a doctor, I usually take public transport to Zhvania clinic. I usually take metro, because it's pretty fast and convenient and, besides, it's cool there and now it's summer and it's very hot and it's kind of impossible to travel by buses and microbuses sometimes. It all depends on the buses and microbuses, of course, because some of them have turned on the air conditioning and it's cool inside no matter how many people there are in the bus.


So, there are many buses going to this direction to Zhvania clinic, however, not all of them go exactly there, I mean, many of them have a bus stop kind of far away and then you just have to walk to the Zhvania clinic, which is at the very end of the road when you enter the yard, where all those clinics and hospitals are located. Well, you can take either bus no.21 or 51 or 46 or 24 ,etc, which take you to that bus stop, from where you need to walk to the very end of the road. And then there's this bus no.20, which goes to the entering of the yard and that's a better choice to get to, if you are waiting for the buses. There are also some microbuses, such as microbus no.7, which have their last stops just outside the yard and they are parked there, too, so that if you want to take those microbuses, you can go outside the yard and juhst get into them and they go to Marjanishvili and somewhere around the Station Square and they cost 80 tetris, too. There are also microbuses no.34 parked just nearby, which cost 80 also and they go to Varketili metro station and then towards the Tbilisi Sea and so on and it's a good choice for you if you are going there, because you will sit there comfortably and not worry about anything else.


The services

First of all, you enter the clinic and you get to the registration desk, where you take your card or whatever and pay for the consultation or the servicces, that you need and then you have your waiting number and you wait for your turn to come and visit the doctor.

One of the services the clinic offers to its patients is the consultation of endocrinologists and there are great endocrinologists there and people take their children to them and it's not like you take your children to them just once, but you should then go there again and have some consultations, because taking your child here and there can be very confusing and not recommended at all, so that you should have just one nedocrinologist and do everything exactly as she or he tells you, so that there can be nothing , that can go wrong without going to your doctor.


The other service, that they offer is the neurologists' consultations and , as you know, children are usually taken to the neurologists, so that they can tell the parents whether there is something wrong with their children or not and if there is something wrong, then they should start some treatment and control the growth of their children.

The other service is for the face an jaw and there are many children with the problems on face or their jaw or the lips or things like that and it's really necessary to have those children be consulted to the doctors, because if you wait for too long, then you can get some very bad results and thhe treatment can be too late. It's not that difficult just to take your children to the doctor when you notice something wrong with them and you should definitely do that, because there may be some very bad disease affecting your child and you may not know that and then after some time you may discover it and then it may be too late for the treatment and cure. So that it's imperative , that when you have children, you should take good care of them and that good care doesn't only consists of the nutrition and good night's sleep and things like that, rather, it usually consists of taking care of your children's health by taking them to the doctors and controlling their health daily. And if you are not a doctor, then you may not understand, that something is wrong with your children and that's why there are those clinics and doctors specialising in children's diseases, so that they will help you with the growing up of your children.


They also have pediatritians, of course, and many people are just going to the pediatritians and then they are reffered to other doctors, you know, which are more speialised in their fields, such as ophtalmologists or endocrinologists or neurologists or whatever. It's really necessary , that you first get a card and pay for your consultation as I know, because otherwise, you can not get to the doctor, I think. It's the rule in the whole world, I guess, because when you get to the doctor, then you might not pay the money, there are such people, too, and that is not good for the clinic and that's why it's the rule to first pay the money and then go to your doctor.

The clinic offers some labotory services, such as x-rays and ultrasound and intensive care and things like that and it's really good, that the clinic has those services just right there, because going somewhere else for some laboratory tests and imaging and then coming back to that clinic is not that comfortable not for the patiensts and neither for the doctors themselves. Well, at least, they do the important analysis there in Zhvania clinic and that's pretty good, too, and maybe they don't need some other things to have there, I guess.

Well, I remember this funny moment, once when we were going to visit our groupmate from University there in Dighomi, where she lives, we went there by car and we kind of lost track, I guess, and couldn't really understand where to go next and then we were somewhere around this Zhvania clinic territory and we understood, that we were around there and when someone mentioned this Zhvania clinic, one of my friends started screaming to go awaay from there at once and we couldn't understand, what was going on, until some time later he explained to us that he hates Zhvania clinic, because they did a tonsilectomy to him there when he was a child or something like that and after that he felt really bad and I don't kow the details, but I think he was there for quite some time and that's why he hates that Zhvania clinic and doesn't like to be around it anywhere.


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