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You can buy food in Nikora

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About Nikora

Nikora was founded in 1998 and since then it has been on market for all these years. It offers people a wide range of products. But mainly it is known for its sausages and meat-based products, which are really good and people just love them, I think. Well, my family members love them, so, I don’t know.

Nikora has been our favourite eating place for some years, when we had lectures at university buildings. Nikora was just over the road and we would just walk there and buy whatever we wanted. So, by that, I mean, that it has many different things that one can buy and eat. They have a bakery there and we would just buy Lobianis and they were really good and didn’t cost much _ that’s pretty much your first goal when you are a student, I guess.


Nikora production

Everyone knows Nikora’s sausagesRdziani” and “Iveria”. They are really delicious and people just love them.

Nikora produces different types of sausages, boiled, smoked, etc. as well as hams. One of the greatest thing I love in Nikora is that they have Pepperoni and whenever I want to make some pizza I just go there and buy some Pepperoni, because they always have it. I couldn’t find it in another larger grocery store that is near me although they have a wide range of things like that for their customers.

On their website, you can read: “Enterprises of half-finished products, fish, dairy products, ice-cream, bread, salads, frozen confectionary and wine producers are merged together in "Nikora Holding". The company is also actively engaged in the import of well-known products from authoritative foreign factories to produce its own, meanwhile the absence of the necessary farming products needed for local production is taking place in the country. ”

So, they also offer the customers a wide range of other products, whether they are locally produced or imported from Germany, Poland or other countries.

And, as I’ve mentioned, they have bakeries, too, in each branch and whenever you want you can go in and buy newly prepared Khachapuri, Lobiani, Kubdari and other delicious fast food to take away.

They also have delicious cakes, which you can buy the whole ones or some pieces of them. Oh, and another thing, they have all these cookies and candies that you can’t get away from without buying some. There are chocolate, apple and French croissants and fruitcakes, too, in Nikora and they are only in Nikora if you want to buy some, so, remember that! They also have chocolate donuts, which are really tasty and don’t cost more than 1 Lari.

Where you can find Nikora

Well, you won’t have to look thoroughly for Nikora stores, because they are mostly everywhere, and everywhere you look you will see a Nikora store waiting for you to go in. They are mainly near the roads, so you can see them easily and most of them are on such places, where you can park your car without any major effort and just shop happily. And it's open 24 hours, so, you can just shop whenever you want, they are always open for you!

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