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Published by Manoj Pradeep

Hello guys, hope you all are doing well. Today I want to share with you all about a place in Tbilisi where you can have fun every day around the year. Tbilisi zoo is located in the Heroes Square in Tbilisi. The place is not sophisticated with wild life safaris and other such things but this place is an ideal place where friends can gather and have some fun within Tbilisi. During my first year of life in Tbilisi it was one of the most common places that we would visit just to while away our time.

How to get there?

Tbilisi zoo is easily accessible by city buses and mashruthka's or minivans. All buses that passes through the Heros' Square will stop at Tbilisi zoo. The zoo complex is located right next to the Heros' Square which is a monument in Tbilisi by itself. Me and my friends generally visit Tbilisi zoo after the university and for this we cross the main road right in front of our university and walk a little distance in a cross road so that we could reach the parallel road which is called as Kazbegi Avenue. From here you will get a number of buses that go to Tbilisi zoo. Bus number 150 which starts from State University H/B, 47 which starts from Nutzubidze plateau, 49 which starts from Nutzubidze plateau and so on can take you directly to Tbilisi zoo. Buses are more frequent and if in case you can't find any buses then you can opt for the minivans or the mashruthka's. There are plenty of them and they can take directly to Tbilisi zoo. Taxis are also available in a large numbers and the drivers ask generally 3 to 4 GEL to reach Tbilisi zoo from Kazbegi Avenue.

Why to go there?

During my first year in Tbilisi we didn't actually have a fully packed schedule like we used to have now and therefore we used to get a lot of free time. As it was our first year in Tbilisi we really wanted to explore and find out more about it. As we had language as a main barrier we were unable to go far away from Tbilisi. Tbilisi zoo ultimately appeared as a safe point for us as we didn't need any language to manage within the zoo. Birthday parties can be celebrated within Tbilisi zoo. We have celebrated a number of birthday parties there. It will be a real fun as you can cut cake in a natural place then you can go around the zoo seeing animals which are really beautiful. There are also some amusing rides which can be an additional thrill while you visit the Tbilisi zoo.

When to go there?

Tbilisi zoo is open almost all days in a year but it is advisable to visit the zoo in summer to get more fun and experience. If you visit during the winter season the zoo will be filled with snow and almost all rides are closed. So summer is the best season to visit Tbilisi zoo and have some fun.

What are the things to do there?

Once you reach Tbilisi zoo you have to purchase an entrance ticket at the counter that is found near the gate. During my first year in Tbilisi the ticket rate was 0. 50GEL but now the amount has increased to 2GEL per person. After getting a ticket for each one you can enter the zoo through the gate. Once you enter the zoo you can do whatever you like in the way you want the trip to be. I'll explain you a route here so that the first time when you go you won't miss anything in the zoo. As you gain experience you can choose your own path and follow your own way.

After you enter the zoo walk straight where you'll find several long iron rods installed. This is for bungee jumping and it is available mostly during the summer months. I did this during a visit to the zoo about a few months back. It was quite a cool thing to do but you must control your jump in such a way that your feet lands on the area marked on the bungee jumping mat. If you continue jumping without proper control then you will land in a place far away from the mat. Still you can be sure that you wouldn't fall down while doing this as you will be tightly secured through strong ropes. It will cost around 2 to 3GEL for five minutes of bungee jumping in the zoo.

After finishing this cool bungee jumping you can play some games in a wooden house that is located on the left side of the bungee jumping point. In this small place you can find different luck games. There are shooting games of different types such as shooting soda cans, shooting the bullseye in a small paper that is suspended at a far spot. After every shoot a pulley brings the paper to you and shows how close where you to the target. In the can game you must shoot ten cans in 10 bullets and if you win any one of this then you can get a soft toy as a prize. During my last visit to the zoo I eventually shot the 10 soda cans and I got a small teddy as a prize. There are also some luck games such as throwing three balls to break a pile of arranged things. There is also another game where you will be given a number of tennis balls in a small basket. You have to simply roll the balls over a table which has a series of holes in it. The balls randomly get collected in the small holes and on either sides there are numbers. The shopkeeper will count the numbers and add them to make an answer. If the answer the shopkeeper tells you is on the board then you will win a prize that is mentioned in the board. Having some fun here will cost you some money as well. For each game you will have to pay from 2GEL to 3GEL depending on the game you play. Then get back to the road and walk forward where you can find a small stair case to your side. Climb down using the stair case, as you climb down towards your right you can see some big fat porcupine with some black and white spines. They look cute during sometimes but still they are dangerous. As you get down from the stair case turn towards your right side where a small road will take you along a series of bird cages. Here you can see different species of parrots, pigeons and other birds.

At the end of this bird house you will find yourself in a place with rides. They may appear quite old and unsafe but don't worry as you won't fall from it. There is the swinging ship ride at the very beginning and for this ride you have to purchase a ticket of 1GEL from a nearby stall. No matter how many people are there in the ride it will function. The ride will function even if you are the only one who is waiting for the ride. It is extremely a thrilling ride and most of the people get scared at the very beginning. For those who wish to enjoy the extreme you must sit in the last row of the ride as it is the part which goes to the ultimate top. In a few minutes after the ride starts the ship begins to swing as if it is left out of control. No one can sit in this ride without getting at least a little bit of fear. Because of the adrenaline rush people shout and make noise when the ride starts and some even begin crying. The next ride found nearby this swinging ship is an electric car cage and even this needs a ticket of 1GEL which can be bought from the same stall. But I don't usually ride in this electric car cage as it is quite old and slow, there is another one within the zoo complex which is perfect and I will tell you about it later. The next ride after the electric car cage is a merry go round like ride but it can incline and decline at an angle giving you a good view of the city as the ride begins. This ride also needs a ticket of 1GEL.

Be careful with the nearby trees as some uncut branches may come into touch with you when heavy wind blows. The next ride which is found nearby this is actually for the little kids in which boat shaped models go in a circular motion in a small artificial pond. There is a small store which sells sugar candies, popcorn, soft drinks, water and vanilla milkshake here. The store sells goods for a higher price that its actual value so be wise before you buy.

As you were busy with the rides you would have missed the opportunity of seeing the animals which are kept in cages right in front of the rides. There are three bear cages one after the other starting from the point where the swinging ship ride is located. The bears are strange animals and sometimes they come too close to the cage rails and give some cute reactions. Most of the times they tend to remain deep inside their cages.


Next to the bear cages there is a cage where a black panther can be found. It looks stunning and its ferociousness can be well seen in its eyes. Then if you continue walking after the children ride you will see a small area where you will find this colorful bird.


As some old proverb says "where there is beauty there will be danger" this bird is a right example for it. On seeing visitors it may give some cute look but when you stretch your hands near its fence wires it will try to prick you. Be careful!

Turning to your right a small foot path will move up and on the right side of this path you can see some mountain horses with a cool hair. They are less harmful and often show some friendly signs. Right opposite to this is a fence besides which are present Ostriches. They look so tall and strong and sometimes they try to run in the long area they have. It's really awesome to have a close look at the ostriches. The next cage after the ostriches are alotted for Zebras, they are cute animals with a cute design on their skin. It feels really great to keep looking at them.


After this cage you will get to a tar road where you have to turn right and walk straight. As you keep walking you can find some artists sitting in chairs and benches. They will draw you just by looking at you in less than 30minutes. The cost for a single painting starts from 10GEL. A little forward you will find a ride that may appear funny to many. From outside it may appear like a dangerous one but inside its really funny. The ride contains a metal chair fixed into two iron rods that can rotate. This entire set up is placed within a rectangular box that can rotate. Once the ride starts the rectangular box starts rotates and eventually the chair you are seated swings in the opposite direction. The same thing is repeated in the opposite direction and also at different frequencies. This will sometime cause a little diziness. Next to this ride is also found a place to play some fun games as we did before in the beginning. On the opposite side of the ride is a big ferris wheel. This wheel keeps rotating slowly and for a single round you will pay 1GEL. From the top most point you can have a look at the entire city of Tbilisi.

If you walk a little forward from the ferris wheel towards your left side you will see a cage which contains two or three elephants. Elephants are rare to find in Georgia and therefore are taken care well in the zoo.


Further walking on the same lane you will see a big bird cage which houses peacocks. Both white and blue peacocks are found here. If you can see them dancing you won't forget it till your end.


After this cage is a snake farm which has different collection of snakes inside glass cages. Snakes are rare in Georgia and therefore most of the snakes here are bought from the neighboring countries. It will take you another 10 minutes for having a close look at all the snakes in the park. After having a look at all the snakes you can get back to the road and walk forward. Now you will be back in the same place where you started. Go back through the same stair case that is near the porcupine but instead of turning right turn left. Walk forward and you will get a stinky smell. It is because towards your left you can see a fox cage where there are plenty of foxes. The next cage to this is cage of Hyenas. Both of them are cunning animals and they really stink bad. On the opposite side inside a deep pit are placed two legendary animals of the forests in two separate cages. They are none other than the Tiger and the Lion. They both can be viewed from the top very clearly without any obstacles as you will be standing in a elevated position than the cages. If you are lucky enough you can see these animals walking and jumping in their cages.


The road which you came now turns left and go along with the road, there towards your left you will see a electric car cage. This was the one I was talking about before. The cost for playing in this is also 1GEL but the cars here are more fast and easy to control than the previous ones. Enjoy here for a little time! Right opposite to this you will find a ride in the form of hot air balloons. It may appear to you that the ride is for babies but once you travel in it you won't say that. It is because the ride rotates in one direction and the baskets in which you are seated can also rotate in the air. This unaccustomed motion will make you vomit sometimes. If you manually rotate the baskets in which you are seated the headache increases. This ride costs you 1GEL as well. You have completed every ride in the zoo and at the same time you have seen every animal found in the zoo.

What else can we do there?

In the zoo there are numerous places to sit and relax. You can sit, chat with your friends and have some fun if you are in no hurry. The zoo also provides you a lot of place to play some common games that you used to play in your childhood.

What is your opinion?

On a whole I would say that Tbilisi zoo is a good place to go out with your friends during weekends or during leisure time. As it is located inside the city you wouldn't have much problems finding a source of transportation to the zoo. Inside the zoo you can see some beautiful animals, enjoy some amazing rides and play some cool games. Moreover the park also provides you a good spot to hangout and to celebrate certain occasions. It is really a place to visit in Tbilisi.

Thank you for reading it patiently and till I write my next article keep smiling and cheers :) :) Don't forget to mention your comments and suggestions!

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