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Smart Supermarket Cafe, Georgia

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Smart Supermarket Cafe is just what you need

Published by Sal ome


Smart Supermarket is a great grocery store with already many buildings across Georgia and is one of the leading supermarkets in the country. Its products are very popular and its buildings are located in order for people to have the easiest access to them: parking spots nearby etc. Wherever there is Smart Supermarket, there’s also Wendy’s nearby. The businessman who owns both brands is also the owner of Wissol (Wissol Group Georgia). I guess he made it that way so that customers find it more comfortable to shop, eat and do whatever they want in the same place and don’t have to go to another place if they want something. Everything is in one spot. And it’s really great!


So, there are two main supermarkets in Tbilisi: one on Rustaveli Avenue and the other on Chavchavadze avenue. “Main” because they are located in crowded places. I also usually go to one of these two - one or the other depending on where I’m coming from, what I have to do and where I need to go next – because they are well located, any transport can get you there and it’s very comfortable.

One of the beauties of Smart Supermarket is their cafes! This was just a great thinking! Those cafes are elegant and simple at the same time. They offer you lots of things, the staff is nice, the price are reasonable and the service is efficient. So, whenever someone wants to eat in a comfortable environment for good prices, they can go to Smart Supermarket cafés. Well, I always go there when I’m nearby and I want to eat and chat with friends in a nice environment. It’s always crowded. They have many tables and seats, and despite that, there are still times when they are not enough, and people must wait. This gets funny sometimes because when you finish to eat you kind of want to stay there for a while. You can’t just swallow your last piece of food and rush out of the café, right? Anyways, if you happen to be somewhere near Smart Supermarket, or in a Smart Supermarket, and you’re getting hungry, just go to that café, you won’t be disappointed. There’s free Wi-Fi too!

Now, you might wonder: what can you eat there? Well, there are many things that you can choose and eat, and they are really tasty. It’s not something done just for getting some credit or whatever. They prepare dishes really well. In the café itself you will find a bakery and there are all types of baked goods, such as Khachapuri (of course! ), Lobiani, Chakhrakini, pizza, Khachapuri with bacon, Khachapuri in different sizes, pie with mushrooms or potatoes or spinach or beef, or many other things. And there are cakes and croissants too! All in different sizes and with different stuff inside. All beautiful and delicious! You just can’t resist them.

This is a place where I go with my friends. Well, usually, there are just two of us. I mean I go there with different friends, but usually in pairs. It’s easier to get good sits when you are only two. We went there the other day and we were so hungry that we wanted to buy everything. We bought so many things that we thought we could not eat them all, but we did. We had the whole four people table just for ourselves and people were staring at us because of how much food we had on the table. Other groups of people didn't have as many goods as us and didn't eat as much as we did. But, hey, what can you do when you're hungry but eat?


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