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Dedaena Park

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Dedaena Park

Published by Ani Lilucie


The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about this place in Tbilisi, where you can easily get relaxed and hang out with friends and look around and enjoy some fresh air, as you may call it. Well, it's a great place for walking around, and it's located nearby the embankment and there's this House of Justice and everyone knows this place. I guess, there are always people going there when it's a good weather outside, because it's really great being there at that time.

You know, I didn't really know about this park until just recentlyand it was a big surprise to see something like that there, because I didn't think, that such places would exist, I mean, of course, there are some parks all around the city and stuff like that, however, no one would visit them some time ago and it has just been recently become popular, I guess. and that was because there were so many thieves and so on, that people did not want to hang out in places like that, you know.


Well, Dedaena park is nearby this so called exhibition, I mean, they call it the exhibition because there are painters with their paintings and you can buy their stuff and everyone knows that place, because it's pretty large an it's on the main road and drivers know that place well, too, because they have to drive on that road many times and I personally go on that road many times a week and it's really beautiful there and I always want to look at those paintings and I'm always too lazy to just go there for looking at those paintings, because there are so many different and wonderful paintings, that you want to have them all at home, you know. I was there just once for that purpose, I mean, to look at those paintings and it was really inspiring and if you love art and you want to see some beautiful paintings, you should go there and maybe you will even buy some paintings there, though I can't say what are the prices, but I guess, they won't be cheap, because art can't be cheap, if you ask me.

Well, there are different celebrations and festivals hold in the Dedaena Park and one of the great ones was this Wine Festival, which took place in 2015 and we went there and had some fun and tasted wine and mtsvadi and kubdari and all the other things and it was really good.

There were also those Flea markets held there some time ago, however, then they decided to have them on Mtatsminda Park and after that those markets are usually held on Mtatsminda Park as I know. However, it was better, when they had these Flea markets in Dedaena park, because it’s easy to access and, besides, Mtatsminda Park is really far away, I mean, it’s on that hill and it’s not that easy to get there, I mean, you need quite some time to get there and there’s not as many transportation as it is nearby this Dedaena park.


How to get there

If you want to get to Dedaena park, there are many things that you can take, it all depends on where you are and when you want to get there. I mean, you can take either bus or microbus or metro and then walk or something like that, you know.

Well, first of all, if you want to get there by bus, you should take any bus, which goes to Baratashvili street, for example, if you are somewhere nearby Rustaveli or Chavchavadze or whatever, you can take buses like number 88, 140, 61 and they will go to the House of Justice, where there's this pedestrians' bridge and you can go through that bridge and get to the other side and then you will see this Dedaena Park. It's not a large park or something like that, if you want to know the truth, however, it's pretty lovely and there are also these things for skateboards and roller blades and people usually skateboard and roller blade there and it's pretty awesome, if you ask me, because usually there are not much of those things around the city. And it would be good, if there were some of them in other places, too.


There is this microbus going straight there from nearby my apartment and it's microbus no. 17 and it's pretty convenient going there by that microbus and it costs 80 tetris, you know.

There's this other microbus, too, which goes towards the Housr of Justice and it's microbus no. 176 and this microbus is just a great one, because it goes on this huge circle and it even goes to East Point shopping and entertainment center and it costs 80 tetris, too, so that it's not that difficult to get to the House of Justice by those microbuses and it's really comfortable getting there by them if you are not getting there by car, because going there by car is very easy and comfortable. And, besides, there’s this parking lot there just between the House of Justice and Dedaena Park and you can park your car there and just walk around or hang out there or something like that, you know. Well, I find it pretty comfortable to get to the Freedom Square metro station and getting on a bus and taking it to the Baratashvili bridge and then walking towards the Dedaena Park. Well, you may not really see the park at once, however, if you go straight a little bit, you will see it then.


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