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Fix Price supermarket

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Fix Price for your home

Published by Ani Lilucie


The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine! It’s a beautiful day outside, well, if you say, that it’s a pretty cold weather outside of my window, it’s still a beautiful one, because it’s kind of sunny and, what can you do, it’s winter and it’s supposed to be cold.

Anyways, in this article, I want to tell you about this place called Fix Price. It’s a supermarket, which was recently opened in Tbilisi and after the first one, soon they opened the second supermarket, too, so that they have plenty of customers, I can say.

How to get there

Well, to be honest, I didn’t really know much about it, until I saw something on Facebook. It was a suggested post, I guess, you know, when they promote pages and stuff like that, so that I got interested and got on that link and saw things about this new supermarket, which was located on above the Station Square metro station. Well, there are many different places, where you can go into that Station Square metro station, so that it’s not that easy to describe the exact location without anything, and, maybe you don’t really know much about that, so that, I will try to tell you the exact place of this Fix Price supermarket.

The one above the Station Square metro station was the first one to be opened. It’s nearby the “Okros Birzha” or the place where gold is sold. That place is also known as the former “Bavshvta Samkaro” or “Children’s World”, and there are books sold just next to it. and across the street, there’s this Pasazhi shopping center, where there are many things you can buy, including clothes and decorations for the cakes and stuff like that, you know.

There are also these two ways if you are going there by metro, and, well, I usually move around the city by metro, so that I recommend metro to you, too. So, if you are going to the Station Square from the Saburtalo Line, which is from Vazha-pshavela metro station or Delisi metro station to Medical University metro station and Technical University metro station and Tsereteli metro station, then, when you get out of the train and walk upstairs you should go opposite to those signs, which say The First Line, because in that case, you will walk this long corridor and get to the other line of metro, or if you continue walking and don’t walk downstairs, you will get to the other side of those train lines, where it’s Dadiani street and there is this microbuses’ station and stuff like that. So, you will be on a totally different place, than the one you want to be at. So that, if you go to that direction, which I’ve already told you and not to the way, where it says The First Line, you will see the escalators and there will be a sign saying something about Pasazhi Center and that’s when you know, that you are on a right way. When you get to the doors, you should go to the left and walk upstairs. You know, on the right, there’s this bazaar, where they sell some stuff and mostly they have these shoes and boots and stuff like that. So, going to the left and upstairs, you will see some cars parked on your left, you should go through them and you should be able to see this large sign of Fix Price in front of you on a building. And that’s where you should go and then there are some stairs going down and there are these kind of transparent doors and then you go to the right and when you turn to the left, you will see the entrance of the supermarket. Well, if you ask around, I guess, everyone already knows about this supermarket and anyone can tell you where it is, so that, don’t worry if you can’t find it, just ask around!


The other way of going there by metro is from the First Line, of course. And, that line starts from Varketili for me. And the other end of it is Akhmeteli metro station. So, when you are going from any of those places, or maybe you are going from Rustaveli metro station or whatever, when you hear the woman announcing Station Square metro station, you should get out of the wagon and walk towards those stairs, where most of the people are going to, and then you have to go to that way, where the sign says Saburtalo Line, and you should walk through that wide corridor and then continue walking till you see those escalators and the signs of Pasazhi Center. Then you are on the right way and everything else is the same that I’ve already told you about going to the left and stuff like that.

So, another Fix Price supermarket is in Varketili. It’s pretty easy to get to, I mean, if you are going there by metro, you will get out of the Varketili metro station and then after the escalators, you can go to the right and get upstairs and then go to the right again. You then cross the street and see the bus station, where many people are waiting for the public transport and you continue walking down on the sideway. In about a minute you will see the crossing in front of you and there will be crossing lights and you should cross the street to the left and then cross the other street, too, in front of you. Until you cross that one, you will see this large sign saying Fix Price in front of you on a white building and when you cross the street and get to that building, there are stairs going down and you should go down and then there’s a transparent door and that is the entrance to the supermarket.

Well, this all was about how to get to those Fix Price supermarkets, because many people don’t really get, where to go and how to find them and they are asking those questions on their Facebook page and there are huge explanations about getting there and some even say something wrong and then those people just go to that place and can’t really find the supermarket and it’s like they’ve gone there in vain, you know. Imagine, that they just believed someone telling them something and they got there and there was nothing! It’s really frustrating. Hopefully, there are some people you can ask the directions and, well, many of them will probably tell you about the Fix Price supermarket and how to get there, you know. there’s this thing on Station Square metro station _ they have a loudspeaker or something like that and you will hear from time to time someone announcing about the Fix Price supermarket and inviting everyone to come and buy things there. It’s pretty cool thing, if you ask me, because when someone is going to that supermarket the first time and doesn’t really know, where exactly it is, when she hears that voice, it’s like a relief, that she is on the right way and then she sees the sign and the stairs and then everything is just great, because, that’s when she knows, that she has found the supermarket and the destination is achieved. However, that thing is not in Varketili, so that don’t expect anything or anyone to invite you there to go and visit the Fix Price supermarket. That one you should find by yourself!


About the Fix Price supermarket name

Well, this supermarket is called “Fix Price”, because they say, that there are constant prices and the prices doesn’t change, no matter what. You know, most of the things cost 2.50 Laris there. Of course, there are some things, which cost less, for example, 1.25 Laris or 0.83 Laris. However, there are a few things, which cost more than 2.50 Laris, and they are those baking trays and sunglasses and hats, I guess. Though they are pretty good, I mean, I just bought this rectangular shaped baking tray and I have already used it more than once and it’s pretty good and easy to handle and it was pretty easy to wash, too, and I’m really very satisfied about that. You know, I was thinking whether or not buying it, because I didn’t know whether it would be that good to stand the heat in the electric oven and if the surface would be that good to rely on it, however, everything is just fine so far and I continue using it and see how it goes. It cost 4.50 Larisand it’s not that much, if you ask me, because I’ve seen some baking trays, which resemble this one and they cost much more and when I saw this one, it was kind of surprising to be on such a price. And I bought it in Varketili Fix Price supermarket. There was such thing in Fix Price supermarket on Station Square, too, and it was round shaped, not rectangular, and I couldn’t really decide which one was better, because I didn’t want to buy both of them at the same time, I mean, what if none of them were good?! Then it would mean, that I would have just paid the whole 9 Laris into nothing. So that this was my dilemma for some time and I was really in a bad situation, if you want to know the truth, because I wanted and I needed one of them and even both of them, however, I couldn’t decide which one to buy first to check it out. Finally, after some days of thinking, I chose the rectangular one and I’m pretty pleased with the choice, if you want to know the truth. Now I’m thinking about buying that round one, too, and, well, I guess, I will buy it, however, there are some other options of round shaped baking trays, which are better, I guess, because you know, there are those ones which you can then kind of open, I mean, they have these locks and bottoms and round things and you can build that thing and lock it and you can even take that round thing out and that’s really easy when taking a cake out comparing to those things, which are like saucepan and stuff like that, of course. Anyways, those stuff cost something like 15 Laris, however, there was this shop, where I saw them at 8 Laris and I think, they were both the same, so that 8 Laris is not that much comparing to 15 or 4.50 and, I guess, it’s a better choice to buy, and its size was just perfect, too. Anyways, those things are pretty great because of all those functions of breaking them into pieces and stuff like that and, I guess, the round shaped one won’t be necessary to buy, too, from the Fix Price supermarket. However, one should consider its advantages, too, of course, and decide, whether they need that one, too, or not, so, I guess, I will still think about it for some time, until I decide which one to buy. Or maybe I will buy both of them, if I can’t really decide anything really.


The products

Anyways, now let me tell you about what they have there in the Fix Price supermarket and what you can buy there without going elsewhere. You know, there are many different things there, that you may find really useful and, trust me, it’s worth it, well, many of those products are worth it, because, they are pretty good and kind of different, because there are not things like that in other markets. Well, to tell you the truth, most of their products are imported from Russia, so that they have this label of coming from Russia, and I’ve noticed many people, talking in Russian being there in the Fix Price supermarket buying some stuff. You know, there are many people living in Tbilisi, who are originally from Russia and they are married to Georgians or something like that and so that they live in Georgia and especially Tbilisi. Well, everyone lives in Tbilisi these days and they work there and things like that, I mean, everyone is coming to Tbilisi. Not to mention the students, who finish high school and get to universities and go to Tbilisi. So that’s why there’s always some crowded places in Tbilisi and so many traffic jams and things like that, if you want to know the truth. Well, I don’t know about that, but this Fix Price supermarket really helps in some things. And they have this Facebook page, too, and they post some stuff that they have there and there are prices written to them, too, and I can see what I can buy there on this Facebook page and not go there in vain if there is not that exact thing that I want at that time. So, everything is just fine here and whenever I see a new post of something interesting, I can go there and buy that thing without any effort.


Anyways, let me start.

Garden stuff

First of all, when going in there are these artificial flowers and garden things put on the shelves and they look pretty good, if you want to know the truth, though I haven’t bought any of those garden stuff there, some other people are buying them and, well, to tell you the truth, I thought of buying those artificial flowers for my vase, which is empty at this time, however, there are so many of those artificial flowers, that I couldn’t decide which one to buy. There are some working stuff too, to work in the garden and the small fences and pots for flowers and small lighting things, which are pretty cool.

Then you move to another stuff, which are some gadgets and tools and stuff like that and they are pretty good, too. There are also some lighting stuff, for example, I bought this thing, which is for wardrobes or things like that and you can put this one end in the wardrobe on a shelf or somewhere, it has an adhesive stick to it, too, and when you open the door it starts lighting and it lights everything there pretty well. So that, I’m thinking of buying things like that again, because I use this one very well. I have it put in my undersink ward and it lights when I open the door and it’s very helpful, because there’s always been dark in there and I couldn’t see anything until I lit my phone light or something like that.


They have these batteries, too, which i liked, because i needed some of them and there were whole lot of them there for 2.50 Laris and I was kind of surprised and I bought them. They also have batteries, which I needed for my scale and my wristwatch and stuff like that and, well, they have all those things and it’s pretty cool, if you ask me. They also have these small clocks, which my mother finds very useful and we have them in our house. Though, I have seen them sold for just 1 Lari in another shop. They are pretty comfy if you want them to be put in a bathroom or somewhere the same place. It's like an alarm-clock, too and you can use it as your waker and you can even take it with you when traveling or something like that. I remember, we had an alarm-clock just like that when we were children, though it was a pink one and we had an alarm set on it and every morning it would start and we knew that it was time to go to school and we would all get up and get ready and have breakfast and go to school. And I remember, I hated that alarm sound, I mean, who likes it?! I guess, no one really likes that sound. Well, you know, when you set an alarm sound, you should remember, that after that time that sound will haunt you everywhere and whenever you gear it, you will just hate that sound, because it will remind of the times when you had it set as an alarm sound and you will be reminded of those mornings or whatever, when you had to get up and change and go somewhere else while all you wanted to do was to stay in your lovely bed and sleep for the next few hours or whatever. So that, that's what it's likr to have an alarm-clock clock set for every school morning in your childhood and starting the day with it's sound. Then, I remember, there was this TV channel and they had morning show and it had this special music on their starting of the show and every time I heard it, it was like a reminder of the early morning and school time and everything. fix-price-home-ac42936cac3f0dbf0f039a66c

Kids' section

Anyways, they have many other things in Fix Price, too. The next section is the kids’ section, where everything is just pretty. There are pencils, pens, paints and those stuff are so good-looking, that you just want to have all of them. I bought some highlighters there and I just love them and my little cousin loves them, too, and it’s like they are pretty good and I would buy some other highlighters there, too. There are some markers which have different smells of different kinds of fruit, such as banana and orange and strawberry and stuff like that. It’s really good, I think, and I will probably buy them to give them to my cousin, as he loves drawing some stuff and whenever he comes to my house, he just wants to draw some things on the paper. Well, my sister paints with oils on canvas and she is really good at it and she has those canvases in the whole room and I have brought a very small canvas to her from Germany and I told her to paint something on it, however, she hasn’t really decided what to paint there and my cousin loves that small piece of canvas and he always wants to paint something on that, however, my sister doesn’t let him do that, of course. Well, there was this one time, she had this medium canvas and my cousin wanted to paint on it so much, that she let him paint it and he was all happy and stuff and he painted it with green paint until he got bored, you know.

There are some other things, such as notebooks and painting stuff and some puzzles, which my sister loves very much and wants to buy them every time, however, she hasn’t had a chance to buy those ones, which she wants. There are also some great wall stickers for kids and it’s like you want to take them all and put it on the walls in children’s room. And they have these books, too, however, they are in Russian and if you want to buy something in Georgian, you won’t find them there.


There’s another large section of kitchenware. They have so much stuff there. First of all, let me tell you about those ceramics and, you know, Russian people have everything in ceramics, I guess, so that those plates and bowls are ceramics and they just have all kinds of things there. They also have those glasses and cups in ceramics, which are decorated pretty lovely and you will just love them if you like those kinds of things. Of course, they also have glasses, I mean, just normal glasses, and they are all different and cute. You will see some of them with different decoration and stuff like that, which you will love, if you like some decorated glasses with flowers or sentences or whatever. It’s not that much paying 2.50 Laris for each of them, while you will find glasses like them for more prices in other shops, especially in those large supermarkets, if you want to know the truth. Well, there are some other kitchen stuff, which my sister loves looking at and having at home.


And I must say, that it’s not just having them at home and it’s not like she is buying them and not using them after that, I mean, she uses them and she uses them a lot, she doesn’t buy any kitchen stuff just to have them put in a ward or on a shelf and not use them at all, just like some other people do. You know, there are many people, who just love buying those kitchen stuff, but then they get home and they put those things on the shelves and just look at them from time to time and are happy with that, however, they never use those stuff, until someone else wants to use them in their house, I mean, the house members, or their daughters, or someone else. And, perhaps, they won’t even let them use those stuff, and then those stuff is just left like that, unused, and I just wonder, why they even bothered buying those stuff, I mean, they wouldn’t pay less in such stuff and they just put them without any purpose. I hate when people do that. They can use them every day or on some big and important days, you know, but they are not doing even that. It’s just shocking sometimes. There’s this habit of my grandparents’ generation, I think, that they would buy some really expensive teapots with 6 cups or something like that, it was called Madona’s Serviz or I don’t know how to spell it, and every family had to have it or else others would think of them as poor and they would not look at them the same way, if you want to know the truth, so that everyone just had those things at home, but no one really used them, because it was supposed to be there _ put on a shelf in the room in a thing, which was very well seen from every other corner of the room and it should have been in the center of attention all the time, so that all the other people, such as guests or just neighbors or even the house holders would see it every time they were in that room and some of them would be jealous and wouldn’t look at it and the house holders would be all pleased and satisfied and stuff like that, because they had that Madona’s thing at home! That was the big deal then. But I guess, it is not that important nowadays. Well, there are some other things like that now, which everyone must have and those are some other stuff to talk about.

Hygeine section

There are also things for personal hygiene and soaps and shower-gels and shampoos and all the other things. You can choose your favorite one from those many others. Well, there was this shower-gel which I liked and it was with lime and it had a pretty good colour, however I haven’t bought it and I can’t really tell you whether it’s good or not. They also have these towels and detergents and things like that, so that you should find it useful to shop there.


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