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American Diner In Tbilisi

Published by Manoj Pradeep

Hello friends, hope you are all doing well. Today I want to share with you all an important place in Tbilisi. This is not a place that you should visit to learn history or place that is filled with natural beauty to attract you but this is a place with some perfect food that will attract you with its aroma and taste. Yeah I'm here to share with you a perfect American diner located in the heart of the city called as Elvis. The restaurant is named after the famous American pop singer Elvis who was called as "The King". This restaurant has some awesome menu each with its own unique taste which I will share with you in detail here.

The restaurant is located in the centre of the town a stop before the Rustaveli metro station. It is easy to reach the restaurant bu city bus than by metro train. Buses with a number 150, 6, 88, 9 etc will take you to the bus station that is located right in front of Elvis. The building where the restaurant is located is also the famous Tbilisi Concert Hall where some popular Georgian concerts take place. There are also many mashruthka's or minivans and taxis available to reach the restaurant. If you are travelling by metro then you should get down at the Rustaveli station and walk in the reverse direction till you find this big building named Tbilisi Concert Hall. The first floor of the building and a part of the second floor contains this restaurant. In front of the restaurant you can see a big underpass and two statues with a fountain. The fountain works during the summer months with water flowing up from the ground. This is actually a pleasant look to see from the inside of the restaurant. Once inside you can find two seperate sections. One is for the hot food and the other one is for ice creams and other deserts. There is a model of Elvis sitting in a chair with a guitar in his hand inside the restaurnat similar to the Mac Donald's model. Near the entrance there is also a stair case that will take you to the second floor. The second floor is a little dark and illuminated by lights. This hall is a little elegant where you can mostly see families sitting in each table. It is entirely upto you to choose whether to sit up or down.


Now you may ask me a question what is it so special about Elvis? My answer is that you will find some food items that are really delicious and perfectly American in Elvis. I will explain you every item available in Elvis with its price here. There are different menus in Elvis such as lunch menu, American grill menu, Elvis meal deal, pasta, pizza, Asian menu, salads, sushi, deserts, additional menus etc

1. Lunch Menu:

The lunch menu is offered in Elvis between 11 in the morning upto 4 in the evening. The lunch menu includes items in a combo. A hamburger with fries and soft drink will cost you around 8GEL. A New york hot dog with fries and soft drink will also cost you 8GEL. A plate of pasta with a soft drink will cost you 8GEL again. A bowl of sald either ceasar or vegetable salad with bread and soft drink will again cost you 8GEL, The last item in the menu is Thai main course of your choice with two side dishes and a soft drink that will cost you 9GEL.

2. American Grill Menu:

There is no time limitations for this menu like the above one. Here a Elvis burger that is approximately 150grams will cost you 8GEL. An Elvis double burger of 200grams will cost you 10.50GEL. You can even order for a classic Elvis cheeseburger for 8.50GEL whereas a double cheeseburger will cost you 11GEL. A single Elvis hamburger will cost you 6.50GEL and so are chicken burger and fish burger. An Elvis New York Hot Dog will cost you 5.50GEL.

3. Elvis Meal Deal:

This is again a combo section where you get some excellent combos which I have mentioned below. An Elvis burger or a cheeseburger with fries and a soft drink will cost you 12GEL. A double Elvis burger or a cheeseburger with fries and a soft drink will cost you 15GEL. A grilled chicken sandwich or a fish burger with fries and soft drink will cost you 11GEL.

4. Pastas:

This section of Elvis will be the favorite for pasta lovers as this includes a wide variety of them. Spaghetti generally costs you 10GEL and so does Penne. Fettuccine will cost you 12 GEL normally. You can choose a sauce of your choice from any of the below three.

i] Fresh tomatoes, greens, garlic and olives.

ii] Ala matrichiana-bacon, Tomatoes and cream

iii] Bolognese miced meat, fresh tomatoes and greens.

5. Elvis New York Pizza

This is one of my favorite sections which includes a small collection of pizzas that are really delicious. You have differen varities of pizza such as Margarita where the large one will cost you 12GEL and the extra large will cost you 20GEL. In case of Mushroom and bacon pizza a large one will cost you 14GEL and the extra large one will cost you 24GEL. The pepperoni pizza has the same cost as the Mushroom pizza. The vegetable pizza which contains olives, green pepper and tomatoes will cost you 12GEL for a large one and the extra large one will cost you 22GEL. The calzone pizza has a cost of 15GEL for a large one and 27GEL for an extra large one. Mixed pizza called as the four season will give you a touch of all the flavors. A large pizza of that kind will cost you 15GEL for a large one and 27GEL for an extra large one. If you order a pizza then you will need something to drink and in Elvis an additional soft drink will cost you another 2GEL.

6. Salads

There are three different types of salads served in Elvis and if you order a salad they serve it with bread and a salad dressing. The salads served in Elvis are a spicy Thai salad which is about 8GEL, A Greek sald which is 10GEL and a Caesar Salad which is also 10GEL. My choice will be definitely an Asian Thai salad.

7.Asian Dishes:

The Asian dishes in Elvis are always served with side dishes and therefore they are available only in combionations. A sweet and sour chicken with two side dishes will cost you 13GEL. Thai beef with vegetable with two spicy side dishes will also cost you 13GEL. A dish called Thai beef with garlic and additional two side dishes will also cost the same. Thai chicken with vegetable and two side dishes also has the same rate. Chicken in yellow curry sauce with two side dishes will also cost the same. Pad thai which is a stir fried noodles and vegetables will cost you 10GEL. The side dishes for the above mentioned that are available in Elvis are as follows.

i] plain white rice.

ii]White rice with corriander

iii]Brown fried rice with cashew nuts

iv] Roast potatoes

v] Noodles

8. Sushi Menu

This is a popular one in Elvis however I'm not at all interested in eating raw fishes and therefore I have never tasted sushi's. However it is said that sushi's are good in Elvis. There are five different combinations of sushi's available in Elvis which are named from A to E.

Como A:

This combination contains a total of 14 pieces will cost you 35 GEL and it contains the following items. Maki salmon 3nos, Unagi salmon 3nos, Nigiri salmon 1nos, Red tuna 2nos, Tuna 4nos, Shrimp 1no.

Combo B:

This combination contains a total of 20 pieces and will cost you 48GEL. This combination contains the following items. Unagi tuna 3nos, Unagi Shrimp 4nos, Tuna 2nos, Salmon 3nos, Maki salmons 4nos, Nigiri Salmons 2nos.

Combo C:

This sushi combination will contain 30 pieces and it will cost you 69GEL. The pack contains the following items. Fotomaki salmon 4nos, salmon 3nos, Tuna 4nos, Nigiri shrimps 2nos, Maki red tuna 3nos, Unagi salmon 4nos, Unagi shrimp 8nos, Salmon 2 nos.

Combo D:

This combination menu contains a total of 36 pieces and it will cost you 78GEL. The items which are available for this menu are as follows. Fotomaki salmon 4nos, Maki shrimp 6nos, Unagi Salmon 6nos, Nigiri salmon 4nos, Nigiri shrimp 4 nos, Maki shrimp 6nos, Red tuna 4nos and Unagi Tuna 8nos.

Combo E:

This final sushi combination contains a total of 44 pieces and will cost you 88GEL. The items that are available for this sushi menu are as follows. Maki salmon 6nos, Unagi shrimp 6nos, Unagi red tuna 4nos, Nigiri salmon 8nos, Tuna 4nos, Unagi Salmon 8nos, California roll 8nos.


Apart from all these formal menus there are also some special menus available in Elvis such as the Shrimpcocktail menu whic includes a plate of shrimps with a softdrink for 15GEL. The German menu this came with a quote about Elvis service in the US army and his favorite food during that time. The menu includes the following items Elvis Schnitzel, Bavarian grilled sausages and Frankfurter grilled sausages. Any one of the above items with a soft drink and a side dish of your choice will cost you 10GEL. This side dishes offere for this menu are rice, roast potatoes or french fries. There are also desert items such as ice creams, milk shakes and many more offered in Elvis. Ice creams of different flavors such as chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, coffee, vanilla, milk, lemon, banana, stratitella etc are available in Elvis. You get your milk shakes prepared instantly using any of these ice creams. There are even fresh juices available in Elvis which are made instantly upon order. Elvis also offers you door delivery of you order for an amount more than 25GEL. This is highly suitable for people those who doesn't want to leave their home or lose their energy by travelling.! The food here is really tasty and after eating you may take some crazy snaps with the Elvis statue found inside the restaurant. Located in the centre of the city it is easily accessible from any point within Tbilisi. Although the restaurant might seem to be a little expensive than Mac Donalds or something of those kind it is still worth the money. You can have fun with your friends and taste some really delicious food in Elvis. This is a place to taste in Tbilisi. Thank you for reading it patiently and don't forget to mention below if you have any comments or suggestions. Till I publish my next article here keep smiling and cheers :) :)

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