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Texas Chicken

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Published by Manoj Pradeep

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well. I would like to share here a good place to hang out with your friends in Tbilisi. The first year in Tbilisi was a nightmare for all my friends. It is because we didn't have any delicious food to eat and without knowing the language it was too difficult to manage in Tbilisi. After two to three months living in Tbilisi we began to adapt quickly to the condition or else it would be really hard for us to survive. During the first year of our life in Tbilisi we had to go to famous spots for hanging out with friends in Tbilisi. One was this shop and the other is the zoo that is located at a short distance away from this lovely shop.

We came to know about this shop only from our seniors. This was the place that we considered as an angel during our first year in Tbilisi because it provided us with some delicious food to eat. It can't be said that the shop is inexpensive but it is economical. As soon as we got to know about this shop me and my friends used to frequently go here and eat but later on we realized that if we continue spending money like this then we would be in streets in no time. Therefore the frequency of visiting the shop gradually declined. Nowadays we use to go to our favorite restaurant only during some special occasions.

The shop or more exactly the restaurant I'm talking about is called "Texas Chicken". This is not a shop of Georgian origin but a restaurant with a number of branches around the world. They serve some spicy, juicy chicken which I can feel even while I'm writing this. The restaurant is located in Lezalidze Street found near the Technical University of Georgia. While we were new to Tbilisi it was the only restaurant of Texas in Tbilisi but now they have opened another branch that is located in Kostava street.

So, how do you get there?

You have a variety of transportation means to get to Texas Chicken and let's see about all of them. If you want to reach the Texas in Lezalidze street you can take a city bus with a number 49 which will take you to the bus stand that is directly opposite to Texas. You can even take buses such as [47] from Nutsubidze plateau, [87] from Vake, [150] from state university h/b, etc from Kazbegi street they will take you to the parallel road to Texas from here you may have to cross the street and walk along a cross road to reach it. If you want to go to there by metro, you must get down at a station called Technical University. When you come out of the subway to the main street you will be a few steps before McDonalds, from there you have Texas after a 10 minutes walk. Taxis can be hired for about 3GEL from Delisi and most of the Taxi driver knows Texas. In case they don't know the address, then you can ask them to take you to "Maria" which will take you to the Texas square and from here you can guide the driver as the Texas chicken will be right in front of your eyes. There are also minivans or mashruthkas of different numbers used to reach the restaurant.

This year Texas Chicken has opened a new branch in Kostava Street. This shop is not exactly on the main road but a little inside. To reach this restaurant you can take any bus such as [6] from Nutzubidze street, [150] from state university h/b, [140] from State University, [87] from Vake, etc which will take you to the famous landmark in Tbilisi which is the pillar in Libert Square. You must get down at the bus stand in the Liberty Square metro station as there is no bus stand beyond it. If you miss this bus stand then you may have to walk back a very long distance. If you are travelling by metro it's enough if you travel to the Liberty Square station. No matter which way you choose either bus or train you will be at the same place now. Now you must walk towards the pillar on the same side of the road till you reach the Courtyard Marriot hotel. Once you reach this point you will see that the road forks into three. 1] revolves around the pillar 2]turns right and move in the direction of courtyard marriot and 3] A road that moves straight down without turning a bit. You must now follow the third route where you will move through a stone made street with trees lined on both sides. Within five minutes of walk on the right side of the road you can find it. There are also many mashruthka's or minivans available to reach this place. Taxis taken from Delisi to Liberty Square will cost you around 5GEL.

What's special about Texas?

If you ask this question to me I'll rather say that everything in Texas is delicious. As I said before it was the only restaurant in Tbilisi that was feeding us for the first few months in Tbilisi. Chicken is what you get in Texas with some desserts so vegetarians hardly like Texas. In the last year a nearby burger shop called as New York's burger is incorporated with Texas.

The one near the technical university is my favorite Texas restaurant. In front of this Texas branch you have tables outside in the nature. The road runs only after a row of trees therefore sitting here and eating in summer is a favorite activity of mine. Apart from the chairs and tables outside the interior of the restaurant is also well furnished. You have leather seats of alternating red and cream color. The order zone is at the center of the shop behind which lies the cooking area. As you eat you can enjoy seeing some popular pop songs in the LCD screens that are fixed in the walls of Texas.

What do you get to eat in Texas?

If you want a short answer for this, you get chicken; lots and lots of chicken in Texas. But that won't be an appropriate answer. Texas offers a wide variety of chicken dishes with different flavors. I'll mention all that I could remember from the Texas menu here with price.

I exactly don't know from where to begin so I'll tell you in random whatever I remember. The first thing that comes into my mind is the spicy chicken wings which costs around 2. 50GEL per piece, there is also ordinary chicken wings which are available at the same price. Texas offers a Mega spicy burger for 4. 50GEL, a single burger can fill a persons stomach. Last year Texas chicken introduced a new dish called as "Wrap Fire", this is a hot chicken wrap which is really spicy. This costs around 6GEL. The next item on our list will be the Bacon and cheese burger which has the classic american taste with some really juicy chicken in the centre. The next is the spicy Mexican burger both of which costs about 6GEL. Classic chicken burgers are also available in Texas for 5GEL. For those vegetarian people who accompany you Texas also offers Veggie Burger for 4. 50GEL. Classic Regular Burger which is available in Texas will cost you 2. 80GEL. The burger varities comes to an end here.

You can also get some tasty fries in Texas whose price vary depending on the size of pack you purchase. Texas also prepares a delicious cesar salad which costs around 7GEL. The fried onion rings made by Texas are one of my personal favorites which has a price of 2. 80GEL. In Texas you also get some spicy cheesy chicken balls under the name Jalapeno bombers which costs approximately 6GEL. The biscuits made by Texas has a unique taste. Sometimes they offer you a biscuit as a complement but you can also buy them at a price of 0. 90GEL per biscuit. There are also fried chicken tendrils available just at 1GEL per piece. Very recently Texas introduced some new menus such as Shrimp wrap, wrap & fries which costs somewhere between 7 to 10GEL. There are also some new salads such as vegetable salads, Texas chicken salad and Texas fried chicken salad. However I'm not sure about the cost of these newly introduced dishes.

You also get different varieties of dessert in Texas such as ice creams. Ice creams in cones cost you 0. 80GEL and in cup with a cost of 2. 10GEL. Apart from that all soft drinks are available in Texas and you also get floats in Texas. Biscuits coated with flavors of your choice such as chocolate, strawberry and pear is also available in Texas.

Is Texas a fun place to hang out?

Absolutely, as long as you don't have any boring place Texas is a good place to hang out in Tbilisi and enjoy the day with your friends. It has a big area and some nice outdoor set ups to chat till you get tired. Most of my friends birthday treats were held only in Texas. It is such a popular place especially among the international students. You can have an awesome time eating and chatting in Texas!

What else is available in Texas?

Well you can have a good fun time together with your friends enjoying some nice music and juicy chicken. Apart from that you have free wi-fi service available in Texas. Whether you sit outside or on the inside Texas wi-fi is there for you. Recently Texas has incorporated with the New York Burger which was a nearby restaurant, but now a part of Texas I suppose. Here you can get a wide variety of burgers, hot dogs, milk shakes and ice creams. They prepare your burgers upon order and you can design your own burger in this shop.

Is Texas expensive?

No, Texas is not as expensive as Elvis. It is really economical and you can have a stomach filling meal for less than 10GEL per person. There are also several packs available such as students menu where you get a combination of dishes for a specific price. As far as I remember Students menu in Texas is about 5. 90GEL. There are even party menu available if you want to purchase a lot of chicken that is needed to feed a group.

So what do you say about Texas on a whole?

I can very well tell that Texas Chicken is an ideal place for a perfect hang out with friends. It has a wide collction of juicy, crispy chicken dishes than can make your mouth water. It also has an elegant set up and the small park found outside with a miniature Eiffel tower is an ideal place to take some group pictures. With the help of free wi-fi you can keep browsing in your phone or in your laptop while your dish is getting ready. At the end of the meal a dessert from Texas will give you a great feeling of a complete meal. The Tbilisi zoo is located very close to the Texas Chicken which you can reach it by bus in minutes. It is a place for a perfect time out with your friends after having a snack at this delicious restaurant in Tbilisi.

Texas Chicken is a perfect place in Tbilisi and do visit it once if you get a chance. Thank you for reading it patiently and if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to mention them below! Till I publish my next article keep smiling and cheers!

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