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Enmedic Clinic

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Enmedic Clinic

Published by Ani Lilucie


The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about this place in Tbilisi called Enmedic Clinic and why you should go there. Well, you know, when going to another country, it's always necessary to know its healthcare system a little bit, because no one really knows, what's going to happen and one should be prepared for anything, of course. That's why i want to tell about this clinic and get you to know things about it.


How to get there

Well, getting there can be a little bit complicated, however, it's still not that complicated for you to get lost there and not find the clinic. However, it still can be confusing, though there's a sign of the clinic and everything. 

First of all, getting there by metro is a pretty good idea and you should definitely take it into an account if you like going to places fast. There's this metro 300 Aragveli, where you should come out and then you should go to your left and go up the street to the very end, until you see that entering, where then there's this car parking and there's a brick building in front of you, which they call Aramiantsi hospital. It looks like an old building built some centuries ago and,, well, I don't really know when it was built, to tell you the truth. So, when you see that building, you should go to the right and then just straight and you will see this heart clinic or something like that and then you will see this cute fountain with plants and then there you will notice the sign saying "Enmedic Clinic" and when you get closer, you will read, that the clinic is on the second floor and you will just get upstairs and there you will see the whole Enmedic there. And if you want to buy something, there's this machine on the first floor when you get inside the building and you can have some drinks or snacks from there, however, there are many supermarkets and shops and cafes on that street until you get to the clinic and if you want to buy something, you should just go in there somewhere and buy whatever you want. To tell you the truth, it's better, if you go to Nikora supermarket, which is just in the middle of the street or something like that and you can buy many different thing there and it's pretty comfortable shopping there, you know.


The clinic

Anyways, when you get into the Enmedic clinic, you will see so many people there, that you will be surprised, I guess. When entering, you will see the registration desk on your left and there you should take the bills and pay for the consultations and stuff like that. Then, you can go either on your left or just straight. Well, if you want to go to your left, there are those rooms of doctors and you can not really get into there until you tell this lady about your visit and where you are going and whether you have an appointment or not and things like that and this lady was prettty nice to everyone, if you want to know the truth, even if there were some patients with that fighting and angry faces and things like that, you know. Well, there are four or five women at the information and registration desk and they work pretty fast, however, there's still a line in front of each of them because of so many people there.

There's also a pharmacy just when you get inside the clinic, I mean, it's just on the left from the entering and there you can buy some medicaments if you want to or something like that you know and you won't have to go outside and buy them there, and, besides, pharmacies are pretty far away from that place, if you want to know the truth. And if you need something and you decide, that you will buy it somewhere else, then you will have to go to that very street where you came from and go pretty much further and then you will find a pharmacy, I guess, somewhere nearby the metro station and that's pretty much far away from Enmedic clinic, if you want to know the truth and it's just very tiring going down there and then returning to that place, you know. So that it's pretty good, that they have that pharmacy in the Enmedic clinic and you don't have to go somewhere else.

There's this one thing, though, and I didn't want to say anything about it, but it's really necessary for you to know that, i guess. Well, there are just these two toilets there and one is for women and the other one is for men, however, there's just one toilet in each of them and there's always a huge line outside the women's toilet, however, I haven't seen anyone going into the men's toilet, if you want to know the truth and, well, I have been there for quite sometime several times and while waiting for my turn to the doctor, I could see the doors of those toilets and i have not seen any men going into that toilet, while there was always a line in front of the women's one. So that, you should know, that if you want to go into the toilet or just wash your hands, you have to get in that line and wait until your turn comes,because the toilet and the sink are in the same room there.ell, those toilets are just next to the registration desk, and it's like in front of you, so that you don't really have to look for the toilets for a long time.

Enmedic Clinic

Well, then there's this another hallway, where you can go freely and no one will ask you where you are going and stuff like that, and there are mostly those ultrasound rooms and biopsy and stuff like that and there are always many people waiting there, too, and there are sometimes those funny situations, when someone was waiting in line and then went somewhere else and while being somewhere else, someone came there and then this one returned and told the other, that it was their turn and then the arguing begins and it's kind of funny sometimes. People just want to be first in everything there and they want to just get inside the room to the doctor and they hate standing in lines and they don't like anyone, who is in front of them, you know. That's just something unacceptable for them. And in situations like that I always remember this picture, where the people have reserved their places in the line by placing their shoes or slippers or whatever in the line and that's it. Well, that may be a good idea here, too, however, that wouldn't be simple to do and, i guess, people won't like that either, because usually, they don't like anything about lines, if you want to know the truth. I can understand, why older people don't like lines here in Georgia. Well, as you know , there were these periods of lines and stuff like that, I mean, there were lines everywhere and people had to be in lines for bread and butter and stuff like that and they had to stand in those lines for hours and spend a night there and things like that and that was just one line of bread, for example, and then imagine, that they also needed some bread and then they had to stand in iine for bread and so on and so forth and those people who have experienced that time and struggle, just hate being in lines, of course.So that, there's always a conflict between people when there are lines anywhere in Tbilisi, if you ask me. Once I remember this lady trying so hard to get in front of me in a supermarket and I just had one small thing to buy and I could be gone in seconds and, besides, I was in front of her in a line and she just used to push me and stuff like that and it just got me really angry, thoughi could have let her be in front of me and buy those things, that she had picked up, however, with that kind of behaviour, I just got angrier and I simply wouldn't let her cut the line in front of me. That's just really rude and no matter how old that someone in front of you in a line is, you just don't have the right to do some things like that, if you want to know the truth.

Anyways, there's not any system of being in lines or something like that and people just stand there like that and they ask each other which one is the last, so that the newcomers will find heir places after that last one there, you know. and that's how those lines are made and that's not really good, if you ask me, because when there's this system of having some numbers or something like that, it's better, of course, because that way you just know your number and when that number is called, you know , that it's your turn there, you know.


well, at the end of that hallway, there's this room number 14 on the left and there you can take your blood tests and there are usually some people waiting, but not as many as at other places, if you want to know the truth. But until going there, you should go to the laboratory, which is just when you get out of that hallway and go straight and then you will see the sign saying "the laboratory" on your right and there's this information and regisration desk, too, and there you should have your analisys checked and then they tell you the price of all those things and you pay there and then you are free to go inside to take some of those analysis or you are sent to that room number 14, where they take the blood and then let you go or tell you to go to the laboratory again for some other tests or whatever, it just depends on which analysis you are taking. I remember i had plenty of analysis to take, so that I was sent to that room number 14, where i had that blood sample taken and then she sent me to the laboratory again for the Glucose test and there I had that Glucose supplement taken with waterand then i was told to come back for the blood sample after to hours.


Anyways, there are also some surgeries done there as I guess, because once when I was there, there were some people waiting for the surgeon to come out and tell them how the surgery went, however, I didn't really get what was the procedure and things like that.

And then there's this conference room if you go upstairs there and hen I was there it was a Friday morning and they had this conference and those doctors were attending it and stuff like that, you know.

Well, if you want some other information about the Enmedic clinic, you can go to their web page www.enmedic.ge and see what they offer you and the prices and things like that. and that's pretty cool, if you ask me, because that way you just don't have to go to the clinic and ask for prices and you can ust be at home and search for those analysis, that you want to have taken there and you will know what it will cost you to take them, and they have this normal analysis and the express analysis, which means, that they can gt the results faster and the results can be in a day, while they usually are ready in a week and when I had my tests done, they told me to come and get the results in a week , because my analysis were not express. And you should know, that if you want your analysis to be express ones and you want the results in a day, you should pay more, of course, and if the regular test result costs about 25 Laris, the express analysis cost 50 laris or something like that.

Well, anyways, if you want to visit this Enmedic clinic, now, you know some things about it and you can not get confused about things when visiting it, i hope. It's a really good clinic and everyone knows, that if you want to have some analysis done, you should go there and if you want to have some ultrasounds or biopsy or things like that, you should go to Enmedic clinic, too, because they have greta doctors there and they do the right analysis and their results are pretty exact, so that many people like this clinic, hence , and, well, as I have already mentioned, there are always many people there. So that, I really recommend going there and getting there the necessary analysis or consultations or whatever.


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