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A taste of Sicily in London

Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

Etnacoffee is a fresh and new brand based in Victoria station, central London. It is a typical Sicilian 'bar', which does not exist as a concept in the UK. It is in fact called: Sicilian Street Food, here and it seems to work perfectly until now. Now, you want to have a taste of the amazing and tasty food of the Sicilian Island?


Once you arrive at the station, Victoria station, you won't directly find the place, therefore, I strongly suggest you check the address on the internet just before heading to the place, if you are absolutely positive on visiting Etnacoffee and have a real taste of Sicily. It is, however very easy to access the place as it is located just in front of the main Victoria station entrance, you will only need to cross the street and there you go, you can now enjoy some real food.

First of all, for those of you that does not know as much as you should about Sicily, before going to Etna Coffee, I can give you some quick and effective information on the Sicily Island, which is located in the south of Italy, in front of Morocco.



Sicily is part of Italy, but as an independent region with an unique status. Geographically speaking, Sicily's location has always permitted a very hectic sea kind of life, where different cultures had met on the Island, making a very peculiar and wonderful island and with many picturesque landscapes. Also, Sicily has a very amazingly variety of people and cuisines and traditions.

Thus, reasons why Etnacoffee has had a quite fast success because Sicilian traditional food could be very varied and absolutely yummy for any kind of taste.



If you go during a sunny day, I strongly suggest trying 'granita siciliana of pistachio, which is my favourite ever. Of course, you have to eat it with a 'brioche' and place some cream on top of the 'granita' for a very unique and sensational mouth experience. Finally, as the place offer a wide variety of food, I suggest to try any salty piece of 'tavola calda' which is basically homemade pastries, in different shapes and mixtures and different stuffing as well, so try more than one.



To end up with trying at least a sweet dessert, I would personally suggest anything with pistachio, Sicily is worldwide well known for its yummy pistachio, or, of course try the traditional 'cassata', which is made with ricotta, a very sweet Italian cheese and in case you are not too sure, you could always ask one of the guys from the Etna Coffee team or better, just try all of them and go back home rolling down the hill.



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