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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

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Harry Potter Studios, a magical place!

Published by Giulia Pia Carleton — 2 years ago

Are you a big fan of Harry Potter that stayed until the very end or are you just a curious out-of-the-box traveller that wants to  know what all the fuss is about? Why not try out the the Harry Potter studios near London! It’s a really interesting place that teaches people of all ages how the most famous and awaited films were made, and it’s done in a really fun way! Once you get inside, the staff starts with a introductive video (only in English) and then they open the big entrance doors that lead to the Hogwarts Student Hall (probably the most famous and majestic room in the books and films). After that you have a tour (it can be self-guided or with a tour guide) and can see some of the rooms that were designed, costumes and props used during the making of the films, including the wax figures and architectural models of the building that are in the Harry Potter films (including a huge model of Hogwarts, the main castle).There are some amazing areas where everyone has a blast: the wand tournament ring (where you can learn how to use a magic wand and challenge an opponent), the outside of the studios (with bars where you can drink some butter-beer just like Harry, Ron and Hermione; surrounded with random massive chess-pieces around the corners of the building) and the green screen area within the studios where you can try on robes from the film and go on broomsticks or in the Weasley’s flying car and buy the video or photo to keep with you with your choice of background… you can finally say that you’re a real wizard!The tour ends in an amazing gift shop which is full of really cool gadgets: anything from necklaces to sweets  featured in the film. My personal favourite was the wand area, where you could see copies of the wands that were to all the actors in the films (my favourite was Fleur Delacuor’s) and if you ask the member of staff that is there, he or she will tell you lots of interesting facts about the wands, the actors that used the wands and their personal attachment to them. It was a brilliant and exiting experience which is both fun to do in a group or alone, depending on your preference. It is also quite easy to get to; even though it’s not in the centre of London, there is a private bus service that takes you straight to the studios without any problem from the centre on London.


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