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Tiger Tiger

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Meet English native speakers

Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

Tiger Tiger, is a nightclub, which has a very long history behind its amazing success.

It has indeed always been a very popular place to go either on a Friday or on a Saturday night.



If you walk down the road and it happens to be on a weekend you will realize how popular it is because of the queue or because of the smoking area, always full and vibrant.

There is the more various kind of people and you can dance the most various type of music you could possibly like.

Central based, Tiger Tiger is a very nice place to go and have a drink with friends and end out your night by dancing. There are different floors, in which you can find different music and a restaurant.



If you want to celebrate particular events such as birthdays party you could also book the room all for you in advance, amazing right?

The place is not that cheap, but it is absolutely worth it the try! However if you book a table and order a Perignon and a couple of drinks, the bill is absolutely shocking, prices are quite high and even if you have booked a table, therefore you have seats, you can't keep your jackets with you, you will have, instead bring them in the cloakroom, which is quite lame seen that if you get in the place after 10 you have to pay about 10 pounds to get in.

There are many means of transport connecting Tiger Tiger to every London's areas, buses are just in front the club or on the parallel road. It is very easy to find the club as it states: TIGER TIGER, quite big on the entrance and also because it literally is on the first road on the right after Piccadilly Circus.



There are other Tiger Tiger all around the Uk, therefore if you are going to travel, you could pay a visit to the one in Manchester, which is quite cool as well. Apart from the very modern and funny interior, drinks are quite nice and prices... Well, what do you expect? You are in Central London! Anyhow, it is a very affordable price for a Saturday night out. It's a free entrance just before 9 and a 5ish after 9. It raises to 10 after 11 I believe. Maybe could be a too early of a start, but you could still go with some nice company and don't notice at all the time passing by and it already will be 12!

Also, very important to all of you Erasmus in London, there are many English native speakers hanging out in Tiger Tiger. Of course, you can find foreigners, but I guess it is also nice if you can chat with a native speaker and prove your drunk English skills, which I am sure are amazing!



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