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Party Central London

Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

Where is the party?

I always want to party on a Saturdays and on a Sundays, oh wait I forgot Fridays as well!



But hey, not of every week, I like to party once in a while and that once in a while I do party, I like to vary the place I go in, to enjoy more the multicultural city I live in.

I like to go dancing, but I also like to only go out for a drink. Nothing too serious or crazy, sometimes you just want to chill and have a beer. So I usually go to the Waxy O'Connors (you can read about this place here) or I like to go to the famous borough of China Town.



The borough is very central and also, it is a very known touristic place to visit in London. Indeed, it is located in one of the streets on the left-hand side in between Piccadilly and Leicester Square. It is easy to go from one of my favourites to the other because they are one street after the other. Well, that is absolutely comfortable to switch from one to the other, above all because on Saturdays it always happens to find one or the other completely full. And so, you can just go to the next street and try out the other pub to make sure you got a beer to start your party!

The O'Neills, however, it is my favourite of the two because it is free entrance until a certain time on Saturdays, it starts to get very busy after 10 pm because there is live music and the party can finally start. And therefore, I suggest you get in for about 9/9. 30 so that you don't have to pay the entrance, also you can enjoy a nice dinner or a beer just before continuing the night dancing. dancing.





There are two floors plus a terrace where to smoke, however, you can also smoke at the front door. There are screens where to watch the match if it is a day where someone's team is playing and finally, the menu is quite good. You can choose between little dishes to share and bigger meals. Prices are good for being central London. They do sell different types of drinks and beers. The music they play is quite varied and nice. People that go to the pub are mostly English, which is amazing for you to learn and practice, but no worries, there is always some foreigner to spice up your night.

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