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My favourite place to meditate - Tate modern

Published by Lucy kuhar — 6 years ago

I love contemporary art and architecture therefore I needed to see the Tate modern in London. 

The building itself used to be a factory and it was renewed as we can experience it today by swiss architecture office Herzon&de Meuron. It renewal makes me relax so I come here from time to time just to think and admire art. There's also a balcony with a fabulous view on millenium bridge and st. paul's cathedral and getting up there makes my day everytime no matter what the weather is like :)

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Free entry!!

Published by angelo laudiero — 5 years ago

Tate Modern Gallery is a contemporary art museum located on the bank side of London, really close to the Globe theatre and the London Bridge. Crossing the millennium bridge from S. Paul's Cathedral, you'll reach this museum that is an ex electric central. This is really important because it means the transformation of this side of London from a former industrialized and post-industrialized depressed area in a new, exciting and attractive part of the city. What is most important is that the entry is free and inside you can see permanent collections of Dalì, Chagall, Gaugain, Cezanne and many other great artists of the past century. Don't miss it!

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