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My Old Dutch

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Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I think when opening my eyes, is: 'What shall I eat today? ' and yeah I like to talk to myself in a quite posh way. 'Shall we have pancakes? ' 'Shall we? '



I love pancakes for breakfast. There are different types of puncakes, but my favourite are the one that I do myself with a simple banana, an egg to top up wth blueberries and maple syrup, delicious. However if you are not going to the gym and like to have some energy for the day, you can then opt for Nutella pancakes or you know normal pancakes with butter and flour in it.

If you want to do so, there are thousands of receipes online for you to try out. If you feel like you are lazy or your pancakes don't look like to come out quite right, then I suggest you all to go to My Old Dutch!



There are different location for this very same 'restaurant', one of them is located in the very central tube station of Bank and the other one, well the one that I am aware of, is near Sloane Square (I like to think is near, but I recently noticed that is about 20 minutes walk, I am used to walk, therefore 20 minutes for me are not that much, but in case, take any bus at Sloane Square that go down the road, Fulham direction and you will be good! ) I love the place as it is very cosy and it has absolutely smashing colours inside. Price wise, I think is pretty good, considering that the pancakes there are humongous!



But hey, on the menu you don't only find sweet pancakes, there also are sour pancakes and salads and wine and more pancakes!

I truly believe it is worth it the try because that would be a valid alternative to a normal lunch or dinner, above all if you have been wondering for London for a couple of days now, or of weeks and you have been eaten always the same things.

Allez, there you go a nice alternative!



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