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  • Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

    I love cats – they are, without a doubt, the most adorable creatures to grace this world – so imagine my delight when I discovered that there was a place in London where I could have a meal surrounded by them! Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – the first cat café to...

    0 by Madeline, 15 days ago
  • Borough Market

    Borough Market is without a doubt, London's best food market. Here, you can find an infinity of foods from different parts of the world for reasonable prices. You can have lunch at its stands for prices starting from 5 pounds. The quality of the food is generally...

    0 by Beth, one year ago
  • The Ledbury

    Everything about amazing and great food at The Ledbur. Everything was very nice, warm welcome, the complete absence of any pretentiousness. Every food was served professionally especially the dessert! Great location as well and also the price of food was very normal and...

    0 by Adam, 2 years ago
  • Paul

    I swear all the best café’s origin from France. This is the third café I write about that originated in France. The story of Paul is very interesting because it was Frances Holder, whose family owns a small bakery, who takes over Paul with his parents. When...

    0 by Lucrezia, 2 years ago
  • Beach Blanket Babylon

    Going out for drinks with my cousin is one of my favourite things in the world because not only she shows me some new, interesting places but I feel like I am in a completely different city when I am with her – she shows me some super unique bars that I have never...

    0 by Lucrezia, 2 years ago
  • Cocotte

    Having recently bought my new camera ( !!! ) all I wanted to do is take it for an adventure and explore my beautiful London. There’s something about getting a new camera that makes you want to see all the areas you have already seen just to retake photos of them. Well...

    0 by Lucrezia, 2 years ago
  • Rossopomodoro

    Rosso Pomodoro is the most authentic Napolitan food you will find in London. They have opened 9 restaurants in London with all their ingredients sourced exclusively from Naples. Their first ever restaurant was in 1999 in Naples (the home of Pizza) and due to their...

    0 by Lucrezia, 2 years ago
  • Le Pain Quotidien

    I am sure most of you have heard about this café as there seems to be one on every corner, but for those of you that haven’t this café really is the sh**. The café was founded by a Belgium man called Alain Coumont, who opened his first café in Brussels in 1990. ...

    0 by Lucrezia, 2 years ago
  • No. 11 Pimlico Road

    If you ever find yourself in London and are wondering where to go for lunch you should definitely check out No. 11 Pimlico Road. This awesome venue is an independent restaurant and bar located in the heart of Chelsea. I had been here once before for some tea with my...

    0 by Lucrezia, 2 years ago
  • Justeat

    Have you ever felt lazy but hungry? I did! I also do right now! But fortunately for me, I live in London. What does it mean? Well, it means that I can have my food delivered by justeat.  Actually, it does exist in France and Spain as well. I am sure it does exist in...

    0 by Giulia, 3 years ago
  • Etnacoffee

    Etnacoffee is a fresh and new brand based in Victoria station, central London. It is a typical Sicilian 'bar', which does not exist as a concept in the UK. It is in fact called: Sicilian Street Food, here and it seems to work perfectly until now. Now, you want to have a...

    0 by Giulia, 3 years ago
  • My Old Dutch

    When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I think when opening my eyes, is: 'What shall I eat today? ' and yeah I like to talk to myself in a quite posh way. 'Shall we have pancakes? ' 'Shall we? ' Source I love pancakes for breakfast. There are different types of...

    0 by Giulia, 3 years ago
  • Brixton

    If there is one thing that I really do at my best, that is eating. Yes, that is correct. I am Italian after all!  I love to try out different kind of food and cuisine, my favourite? Anything that is good to my taste. It does not mean I eat everything, but as long as it...

    0 by Giulia, 3 years ago
  • Snog

    Open everyday 24/7h! Unbelievable right? So if you are starving after having partied hard or you just feel like to have something fresh on a warm day you can choose between different locations, but the one I have been to, it is located in central London, Covent...

    0 by Giulia, 3 years ago
  • Mother Mash

    What are some things one should do when in London or England? Well, one needs to visit all the local attractions that bring in people from all corners of the world, such as The Big Ben, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, all the local markets and list just goes on and...

    0 by Oat, 4 years ago
  • Borough Market

    If you’re in London even for a few days like I was, you need to make time to go and visit Borough Market. The market can be accessed with little difficulty as it is right behind the tube station, London Bridge. You could as well travel there by bus, but make sure you...

    0 by Oat, 4 years ago
  • Buona Sera at the Jam

    Well, you have to go there yourself - or check the web if you can't wait!!! But it will ruin the surprise. It has good Italian food, cheap prices, and an interior like you have probably never met before in a restaurant.  If you decide to book, I recommend booking an...

    0 by A, 4 years ago
  • The Diner

    The Diner Soho, London If you are in search of a classic American meal in the heart of London, than look no further than the Diner. There are six locations in the city at: Kensal Rise, Camden, Islington, Shoreditch, Covent Garden and Soho. However, I have only ever...

    0 by Saiesha, 6 years ago
  • Mildred's Vegetarian Restaurant

    Nearest tube station: Oxford Circus (Central, Bakerloo, Victoria line) Mildred's is a wonderfully petit, vegetarian restaurant sat in the heart of Soho. The decor inside is very chic, and although the waiting time (without a reservation) can sometimes be over half an...

    0 by Tye, 6 years ago
  • Gourmet Burguer Kitchen

    Delicious burguers at a fair price. Best burguer I have had in my life. Best bean burguer I have had in my life.

    0 by Carolina, 7 years ago

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