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Eat delicious, eat at Brixton Village

Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

If there is one thing that I really do at my best, that is eating. Yes, that is correct. I am Italian after all! 

I love to try out different kind of food and cuisine, my favourite? Anything that is good to my taste. It does not mean I eat everything, but as long as it tastes amazing then I can eat it and eat it again and again. 

There is a place in Brixton, which a borough of London, located south, it is the last stop on the Victoria line if you head south London. Yes, I was saying, this place is called Brixton market and it basically is a market of restaurants and places where to drink. I love the place because it is a covered market, therefore you can go there if it is raining or not. You can then choose between many places where to go, from Portuguese food, to Italian, Mexico is there as well and hey don't forget France! Want some wine? 



Well, when I usually go it is on a Friday and what do I do on Fridays? I eat bad, like real bad. Junk food. Actually the place does not really make junk food, but if you eat chips and burgers, then it is definitely not healthy food!

This plce is called Bukowski Grill and it something delicious. I do dream about their food at nigth. Joking. Or maybe not. You go and try and then let me know if you do dream same things I do dream at night. The food is unbelievably good and there is always a queue outside on a Friday night, which means the food is real yum. Of course, that also represent the down side of it. If you go after 9pm you might have to wait a little bit longer than expected, but it is worth the try. 

It is a very cosy place, but not too big, so if you are thinking to go with your 20 friends group, then you might want to change your mind, if you are planning on a nice 2 night out, it could work. What to eat? The meat track and the tabacco onion. Burgers? The mother or any really. 


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