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Brick Lane

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The Best Place to Explore!

Published by agne sabonyte — 2 years ago

Brick Lane, London --> The Best Place to Explore!

If you are interested in a vivid street life from street markets to street art and in general are into mix of different cultures? If the answer is yes, then Brick Lane is the best place to explore for you!

To begin with, it is not that hard to reach it, metro station is called Liverpool and from there you can go through the main square (through lovely market with handmade goods and different fairs depending on the period of time, the last time I have been there it was a beer craft fair, where all local brewers introduced their masterpieces and gave the opportunity to try them) directly to Brick Lane.

The district is famous of being the safe haven of street artists and although the majority of art is concentrated around the main street (Brick Lane), you can check the whole area and see samples brilliant street art, just be attentative to details!

For the first visit I would strongly recommend a free walking tour called "Alternative London", where the local guides will show you around the best current "exhibits". My tour guide was Kia, he is awesome, maybe you will be lucky and get him as his guide, if of course he is still doing the tours:)

There are at least 2 street food markets available of you get hungry and plenty of other tempting places to eat with a foreign spice. In addition, if you feel like shopping and have a particular interest in vintage, hand-made crafts or in general something different but affordable, there are random flea market like places to check.

The best and the worst thing about Brick Lane is that it is never the same. One piece of art is changed by another one and therefore it is always an adventure to see what is new and what was left to inspire next artist generations.

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