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Adam and Eve

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Drink in central London

Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

Adam and Eve is a little and hides pub which becomes quite busy during the weekend. The nice thing about it is that it has a little space that goes on a street outside the pub itself. Winter or summer, it doesn't really change, the street is always full of people drinking and talking to each other. 

Very cool if you want to speak to a native speaker of English

Prices are very normal being in London and central.

Central, more central than this pub you cannot find anything else. It is in central Oxford Street, at 5 minutes walk away from the station. 

However, it is hard to find the place if you don't know London that much, as it is in a little alley. The atmosphere of the place is very nice and cosy. Inside the pub, there are little sofas and the toilets are quite retro

The only thing I would say it is not a thumb up, it is the closing time, in fact, the place serves the lasts drinks at about 11 pm. It is one of those pubs you go to have a beer or few drinks just before starting your night out, you will need to go somewhere else after closing time. It is nice to drink a beer there during summer time, as there are chairs and tables outside, where you  can chill until closing time. 

I suggest you all go and pay a visit to the pub as it is a very traditional English pub. Of course, there is also a menu, so that you can eat something while enjoying your beer/wine or cocktail. 

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