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Café Murano

Published by Lucrezia Worthington — 3 years ago

There’s so much I could write about this place. I found it for the first time last year during a break at uni. My campus is in Holborn therefore I am super close to Covent Garden, and there’s nothing I like better than studying in pretty little cafés. For some reason I find them very motivational. So I found this cute little place when I was with my boyfriend and of course we were attracted to its newness and the Italian name. This café is divided into two parts, the restaurant open from 12.00-23.00 and the Pastificio/café, which is open until 21.00. 

I remember my thought process the first time I entered the pasteificio. There is fresh pasta hanging in the window, a whole selection of Italian products on the right hand side and a big table in the middle with salads, quiches, focaccia and other tasty looking dishes you can eat for a quick and healthy lunch. I have had the rosemary focaccia and I cannot stress how incredible it is. Coming from an Italian it is the best focaccia in London. They also have a selection of fresh pastries and do an amazing offer of an almond croissant plus coffee. The almond croissant is so delicious, it is fresh and full of flavor. The coffees they make are also the best I have tried in London; they taste like real Italian coffee (Finally). 

The staff in the paneificio is super kind, friendly and super sweet! I was in the café so frequently that I think they know pretty much everything about my life by now! The café is also well known for its wide selection of the best Italian wines. Their wines are half-selected from a few small artisan producers. 

The Pastificio creates fresh pasta every morning for the restaurant and for people to buy and take home. I have had the tagliatelle before with the ragout sauce and it has been a delicious home-cooked meal. 

I have been to the restaurant to have cocktails and a desert with my friend and it was such a fun experience. Not only they have an awesome selection of cocktails but their desert list is even better. My friend chose a super sweet and tasty grenadine based cocktail which was presented beautifully, whilst I chose a stronger option which I must admit did not go down very well. Although it was tasty I was told I chose something with pure alcohol, and since I wasn’t really feeling it the waiter kindly offered to create a new cocktail for me which was disaronno based. I found this incredibly sweet and really appreciated it. 



For our desert we chose a chocolate and hazelnut tart which we divided in two. It was quite rich but it was incredibly flavoursome. 


Following all my experiences with this place there is nothing negative I could ever say. The food is top quality, the price is completely adequate and the staff is the kindest I have ever met. 

For more information about Caffé Murano, take a look at their website: 

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