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Royal Holloway University of London

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London's university amazing campus

Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

If there is something I am really proud of, that is my university.

Yes, Royal Holloway University of London, or better known by his acronym, which is RHUL is considered one of the 100 best universities in the world.

London's university amazing campus

Picture taken by me

I am now attending my last year and I as much as I don't feel any pain to leave the place at the moment, I am sure I will do feel so, once I have left it for good. I am studying for my final exams and so I believe it is quite hard to think about missing or not the place and the studying hustle. However if you are thinking to go abroad either to do your Erasmus or just to visit some amazing places, well then you definitely need to go to RHUL.

As one of my friends once described my university as 'peng' I like to use that adjective to think about the main building. Founders. It is basically an enormous and absolutely amazing piece of art, built by will of the Queen Victoria and it has represented RHUL for centuries. It has the architecture of a castle and it stands in a very nice and quite area, Surrey. The neighbourhood is surrounded by a lot of green areas and a canal. Virginia Water and Windsor are the nicest and the nearest places you should visit.

Anyway, let's go back to RHUL. Which is the main point here.

London's university amazing campus

Picture taken by me

Once you arrive at the station there is a little bus to take, which will bring you up the hill and inside the RHUL campus. I sometimes opt for a nice walk, as it is about 15 minutes walk from the back gate, which is not up the hill. If you prefer to go up the hill, I should warn you, you might need about 30 minutes or so, as it is a real, like a REAL and endless hill. No kidding.

Once you have netered the Campus you will be astonished by the main building and its majesty Founders, which by the way looks a little bit like Harry Potter school!

The Campus is enormous, it has a wood that goes all the way down the hill towards the back gate. There are different buildings, quite modern if compared to the main building which is a Victorian Castle.

London's university amazing campus

Picture taken by me

Those buildings are for students to attend classes and finally libraries. One of them is inside Founders itself, therefore it is an old library, which is mainly for languages and arts. The second one is called Bedford and it is the newest library on Campus. Giant and nice place to meet with friends, as it embeded different spaces for chatting and use computer, drink a coffee and do group presentations. There are also areas where you can barely breath or otherwise you could be shot at the ground from one of the best RHUL's students. They are probably on their last year. I would do the same, so please, keep quite.

Buildings always count with toilets, always clean and with vending machines. We do care about our bellys. But. We do have a gym as well. So if you feel like keep fit, you have no excuses really. You can run up and down the hill or you can just join the gym really.

Finally, because we like societies and make big groups of friends, there are communities and societies about anything really. We do teathre and music, we do have a radio station and a Russian society and so on and so forth. You can practice any kind of sports and any kinf of activities.

To have fun the campus offers three different bars and two discos, yes they are inside the campus, I know amazing right? Also, unbelievable I would add. To eat you can choose between the hall and the hub, the first one is less expensive and the second one offers better quality food.

To drink there is Starbucks and Image, which also offers an outstanding space where to enjoy time with friends and chill.

I mean, I could have not choose any better. I am so proud of my university and of how it looks like that I couldn't say anything bad about it, but I unfortunately have to.

London's university amazing campus

Picture taken by me

Yes, prices are embarassing, student fees are not worth to pay and the cost of living is absolutely outrageous, but hey, it is a very important and famous university! So I am guessing that is the price you have to pay to look gorgeous and powerful. The university not me.

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