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Maître Choux

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Maître Choux

Published by Lucrezia Worthington — 3 years ago

You know those beautiful looking pastries instragrammers always photograph and you are sat on your bed, scrolling through your phone wondering where on earth they find these kind of beauties?


Well Maître Choux is the first and only choux pastry specialist in the world. Their chef, Joakim Prat is a three Michelin star expert who designes and recreates French patisserie in a new, modern and delicate way. Maitre choux specialises in choux, éclairs and chouquettes.

What is choux pastry?

Choux pastry is light dough that rises in the oven and leaves a soft and hollow inside whilst the outside becomes golden and crisp.


The éclairs are choux pastry deserts, which the chef has filled with a variety of different creams and decorated in a unique way to create a stunning vision of art.

-Very dark multi-origin chocolate éclair (a selection of 60%, 70% and 80% dark chocolate)

-Baileys pumpkin spice, cinnamon and caramelized apple (smooth caramelized apple compote infused with cinnamon and a dash of Baileys pumpkin spice).

-Hazelnut and milk chocolate treasure (the outside is painted in gold dust to add a special touch to the éclair).

-Raspberry éclair with macaron top (filled with a combination of vanilla cream and raspberry puree, textured with raspberry seeds).

-Persian pistachio éclair (Topped by candied pistachios and small bits or meringue).

-Salted butter with homemade caramel éclair (salted butter and caramel filling with a thin layer of chocolate on the top).

-Tahitian Vanilla and pecan éclair – (Madagascar vanilla beans and Tahitian vanilla beans for a perfect and intense vanilla flavour)

- Pure Arabica coffee éclair. (Arabica blend coffee).

-Spanish Raspberry pink éclair (sun-soaked raspberries with a touch of rose water in the glazing)


Round choux pastry topped with pearl sugar.


Choux are round pastries filled with delicious cream similar to that of Crème Patissière however it is softened up with more butter and chocolate on top.

-Pistachio and strawberry puree choux

-Caramel choux

-Vanilla choux

-Raspberry choux

So I was walking in South Kensington in London a few days ago and casually walked in front of a beautifully designed window and rows of these fantastic looking éclairs. I walked in, took a business card and walked back out. I went for lunch with my friend and on the way back home I couldn’t help thinking about those éclairs. I thought about surprising my boyfriend with one, so I made my way back to this place and decided to buy an éclair. Do not think the choice was easy, there is so much to chose from and they all look so perfect. I ended up going for the Tahitian vanilla and pecan éclair because I love vanilla and he loves pecan nuts, so I thought it was a perfect union.

The vanilla éclair is absolutely incredible and this comes from a Vanilla fanatic. I think it is very difficult for vanilla products such as yoghurts and cakes to actually taste of strong Vanilla, but here the taste was overpowering in a positive way!


Personal Thoughts:

Maître Choux wanted to create a contemporary and modern twist to the classical French speciality – and these incredible works of art make the perfect desert. They have really outdone themselves, the way each flavour fits perfectly together like a puzzle, the incredible and unique decorations. Also it is a perfect gift for upcoming christmas as you can order online or in store a beautifully presented box of patisserie.

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