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Amazing tree inside pub!

Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

Amazing tree inside pub!


Last thursday night I went out to see a friend of mine who only recently has moved to London. I did want ot bring her and her friends to some cool places, but men start guiding us and as I like to speak a lot I did not even notice where we were going. 

I finally see we are going central, indeed we are in Piccadilly, more central than that, it is quite impossible. We go to this place, all in a wood color and I realize that at the middle of the pub there is a tree. It looks amazing and it has a round shape, where you can sit in 3 floors pub and either eat or drink

Prices are quite good and there is a very interesting menu. Among normal classic food, there is a traditional English's appetizer plate, which I really suggest you to try if you are going to visit this place. The dish is called the lot and does include, scotch eggs, fried squid, rosemery roast potates, sausage roll and others traditional things. We have spent there about 2 or 3 hours as the service is absolutely good and the music as well. 

After 1 hour or so that we were there drinking and having fun, 2 guys started playing live music with a classic guitar. They were on a little niche, carved just on a corner of the pub and that was definitely the icing on the cake. Just right, just perfect. I really recomend to visit the place as it is the perfect place to bring some friends to live the English night life's style in a centered and absolutely unique place. Amazing atmosphere, amazing time out.

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