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Vue Cinema

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Vue Cinema

Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

Yesterday night, for a change, I went to watch the movie Batman vs. Superman in one of the many Vue in London. As yesterday was the first day out, every cinema was already full and booked, therefore, I opted for check online and buy the tickets as soon as possible online. Actually, my friend bought them for both of us, I don't want to take the merit of it when I did not buy the tickets myself, which basically means that I don't know how much they cost. I can tell you for sure, that they usually cost not less than 10 pounds, London is very expensive. We also had the VIP seats which was quite cool. The normal seats are smaller and in worst positions to face the screen. We were seating in the back so we could see perfectly and not too close to the screen; it is a better view. The seats were very comfortable and that is why they cost more. However not all the cinemas have the same kind of VIP seats, I gotta say that this Vue has really comfortable seats.

Batman vs. Superman




However, it costs a little too much buying things to eat and drink there, therefore if you can bring something with you it will be better. Imagine you pay 30 pounds seats, I am guessing you don't want to spend 25 pounds more for only 2 beers (quite small) and 2 boxes of popcorn, one regular and one large. I thought it was a little bit too much, but hey! if you do it once per month it should be ok.


The service was good, people were quite helpful and welcoming, some of them a little bit less, but generally there was a nice atmosphere. Finally, toilets were clean and the seats as well, were very cleaned and the overall experience was good. The movie, though, it was quite disappointing. I expected a more involving movie, but it was instead a little bit too long, where there were scenes that could have been deleted for sure. Two hours and a half movie, I was really in need of the toilet after that movie. Popcorns were not too good, I chose the sweet one and they taste like they have been out for a while. So I would say that I could vote the place with 7 out of 10, the price 4 out of 10, quality of customer service and services 6 out of 10, location 7 out of 10.




Well, Shepherd's Bush is a really nice place to go, you can either go to Westfield, which is a huge shopping center and eat, drink, shop or go the cinema, in fact, there s also a cinema inside the shopping center. However the Vue I am talking about is just outside the station on the right, while to go to Westfield you need to go on your left.



What else to do

Finally, if you want to go to a cinema and you live in the west center/north/south, but west of London, you could opt for the area of Shepherd's Bush because you could organize and do something before and after the cinema without a problem. You will not need to reach a central area to have a drink after the cinema because there are pubs near the cinema and in the shopping center. Near the cinema, there is Wetherspoons, a pub where you can eat and drink, prices are ok. There is another one in central London, actually, to be fair, there are 2 in the same area and one in Victoria area, so basically, as far as I know there are more of these Wetherspoons all over London. They are nice to go to and therefore, I do suggest them to you, you could try them out. But as I said before, I am sure it would be convenient to spend a day in a single place without having to commute. To conclude, the area offers also a market, really traditional and pretty to visit. Basically, you could spend an entire afternoon in the area without getting bored.



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