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Sky Garden

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Above the stunning London or a new life perspective from Sky Garden

Published by Adriannaerys W — 8 months ago

Above the stunning London or a new life perspective from Sky Garden

For a few days, I wasn’t able to decide where to take my best friend. She was coming to see London for 3 days and I was trying to create a perfect and easy to follow the route for her trip. My goal was to show her as many places as possible as well as experience life in London. Students coming for the first time to London will know what I mean… 

Above the stunning London or a new life perspective from Sky Garden

And one morning, when the light entered the room, I shouted with happiness in my voice – Sky Garden! I’ve been to Sky Garden many times, but every journey to this place gives me new experience and memories. Why? Let me explain. 

What is Sky Garden? 

Sky Garden is a 38-story building and is 160 m tall. Commonly it is called ‘’Walkie-Talkie’’ due to its authentic shape. If you walk outside at Fenchurch Street, believe me, you won’t miss this building! As construction is quite new (2014), it is a modern building with the fascinating amount of free space for everyone – a tourist, family with children, or British couple, who came here to enjoy the sunset. When I saw this place for the first time on the Internet, I knew – that is my Number 1 on Must Visit List. 

This Building was designed by Rafel Vinoly and guess the price – over £200 million! However, when you come today to London and don’t visit this place, you miss the moment of awe from Darwin’s gardens and public viewing space.  

Above the stunning London or a new life perspective from Sky Garden

How to get there?

Firstly, you need to book your FREE space in advance online. Usually, the visit ends at 6 pm, but if you stay in the bar or restaurant, it is totally fine. When you come there, you will notice a similar queue and the checking procedure as in the airport. So, my advice – don’t take too many things. Have your ticket online, ID and get ready to see London from the bird's level!

I would recommend this place for those, who are running out of time and still want to see London. On the windows, you will notice the drawings and names of the most important and famous building you may see in front of you. Maybe you know how the Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral or the Shard look like,  but didn’t have a chance to see it alive? Play a game in SKY GARDEN! Find the right spot with the image of it and you will be surprised, how close it may look when you are 160 m above the 8 mln city! And for those who like photography, I would recommend using your luck and capture those moments in the viewing area.

If you would like to experience more excellence you can enjoy your meal or a cocktail at Fenchurch Restaurant, Terrace or Darwin Brasseries, just on the top above the beautiful gardens created by the award-winning landscape designer.  

Every time I come here I spot a new building, a new street or just imagine walking on these tiny streets surrounded by modern tall skyscrapers. At that moment you feel that your problems are smaller than your environment, smaller than the speed of life and most important – smaller than you. Personally, I would encourage people to come here for personal development journey: to stop, think and transform the previous way of thinking. You will be surprised, how being in such a magnificent place can influence your thoughts! Who knows, maybe you will find your inspiration here?

Above the stunning London or a new life perspective from Sky Garden

When to visit Sky Garden?

Open 7 days a week 

Monday to Wednesday
7am - 11:30pm
Thursday - Friday
7am - 12am
8am - 1am
8am - 11:30pm 

For those who are flexible with the time I encourage to take your time and plan it in advance - why not to check the Sunrise and sunset times and enjoy the view at the London in different colours?

At the moment the sunrise time is 07:55, while the sunset is at 16:25. You can book your time 3 days before on Sky Garden page. 

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