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Piccadilly circus

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The Times Square of London

Published by Martha S — 3 years ago

Piccadilly Circus deserves to be called 'The Times Square of London'. A lot of people walking around the London's probably busiest square, buildings with big screens that are displaying commercials, street performers, famous theatres… All this is Piccadilly Circus, described in just a few words. The name Circus has nothing to do with circus performance (although my first thought was, that the enviroment there is so crazy, like in a circus), but a friend told me that it got its name from the traffic that circles around the square.

The Times Square of London

You will recognize this square not only by those big screens, but also by many monuments and sculptures on the square. The most famous statue there is definitely an angel Eros, shooting with an arrow, which also became one of the symbols of London. Some other monuments and statues include a tall monument in the middle of the square. You will see a lot of people climbing on the bottom part of it, but it is very difficult to get on it because of its altitude. The statue that you will definitely not miss, is a royal blue rooster.

The Times Square of London

All around Piccadilly Circus, you will find many street performes, and some of them are having really good acts. But be careful, when the performance attracts many visitors, it makes an easy job for pickpockets to steal something from you.

All around the square, you will find many bars, restaurants, and internet cafes. Most of them will charge one pound per thirty minutes of internet usage. It is a good deal, if you ask me, especially in such an expensive city as London is, but on the other hand, there are plenty of bars and restaurants that offer free wifi, so people do not want to pay for using the internet. Therefore, if you need some quiet place, definitely go into one of those internet cafes, because they are almost empty most of the time.

The Times Square of London

Situated very close to Chinatown, Oxford street, and other points of interest in the Westminster area, you can choose from plenty of options on how to get to the Piccadilly Circus. The closest underground station is definitely Piccadilly circus, which is served by two tube lines - Piccadilly line (marked with a blue colour on the map) and Bakerloo line (marked with a brown colour). Other nearby underground stations are Green Park (which is on the junction of Victoria line and Piccadilly line (both of them are marked with a blue colour, but Piccadilly line is darker)), Charing Cross (which is on the junction of Bakerloo (brown) and Central (red) lines) and Leicester Square (which is on the junction of Piccadilly (dark blue) and Central (red) lines).

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