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Hyde Park transforms itself into a Christmas Market!

Translated by Olivia Leicester — 9 months ago

Original text by Patricia Saiz Díaz

This is a must-visit for every tourist who decides to spend their Christmas celebrations in the cold capital of London. Without a doubt, Christmas is one of the top seasons for people to travel to big cities, for everything that is going on and the way that they decorate every street, avenue and corner of the city.

In this case, London goes even further and doesn't just install amazing lights in their streets and squares, but every year they decide to transform a part of the enormous Hyde Park into a massive Christmas market and theme park. Do you know it is one of the best Christmas markets in Europe?

First recommendation is to go with time to be able to enjoy each food stall, the different Christmas pieces or accessories to dress up in for sale and to also go on one of the numerous attractions that are there.

In our case, my friends and I went there on the last day of the year, Wednesday 31st December, after having seen the guard change at Buckingham Palace, as just by crossing St James Park we arrived at Hyde Park Corner, one of the entrances that gives direct access to the Winter Wonderland.

At our own pace, we enjoyed the multitude of cabins and huts with all kinds of objects, from Christmas baubles decorated with some kind of London design up to Russian hats that we couldn't help but to buy. Between all of this, we went around taking photos of everything that caught our attention, with an infinity of snowmen sculptures, Santa Claus or wooden vikings, the most original.

A lot of them are in markets that especially this Christmas I have visited, in cities like Luxembourg, Paris, Brussels... but this left me...

Russian mountains, Ferris wheels, swings that go up into the air with incredible views of the city skyline, windmills, attractions for the little ones with an atmosphere that reminds you of the film 'Frozen' or of Lapland, where the beloved Santa Claus lives. A multitude of activities, as much for little ones as for adults, that invite you to spend a nice Christmassy day.

I wanted to highlight the crazy number of food and German beer posts that there were, that reminded me greatly of Oktoberfest, the German beer festival. Also, we stopped in an American style caravan where we read a poster that the British model Cara Delevigne had tried their chips, and we couldn't resist trying some for ourselves... I have to say that they were delicious!

It was undoubtedly a success having spent the whole morning enjoying this strange and gigantic market right next to the Hyde Park pond. Don't forget that they hold it every year! So it will be perfect timing to choose London as a destination at the time of the year when they have the best events going on!

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