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Chemnitz university by Erasmus

Published by Nelly Dancheva — 7 years ago

I went to Chemnitz university and the town of Chemnitz in Germany thanks to Erasmus about 10 years ago in Germany.

Had a fantastic experience and most definitely recommend it.

I improved my German,met new friends,enjoyed the university,and visited many places of interest in Germany.

I love Erasmus and most definitely recomment it.

Chemnitz is a small  town,but thanks to the programme,I saw and learnt a lot,and enjoyed my time there at its most.

Some of the cities I visited are Leipzig and Dresden from the many excursions we had.

I come from Burgas,Bulgaria,and Burgas Open University works closely with Erasmus.

Therefore,I highly recommend it.Burgas is a city that can be remembered forever-beach,sun,and sightseeing...There are free mud baths and salt lakes next to the Black sea coast,sea garden,and many bars and restaurants on the beach itself.

Lots of things to see and spend unforgettable time in an unforgettable city:)

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