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Eat at home

Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

Have you ever felt lazy but hungry?

I did! I also do right now!

But fortunately for me, I live in London.

What does it mean? Well, it means that I can have my food delivered by justeat. 

Actually, it does exist in France and Spain as well. I am sure it does exist in the North of Italy as well. You see in the South, we usually make our food ourselves and delivery are not that typical unless it is a pizza place, then they do deliver food. 

I am not that used to call for delivery, but there are moments in which I feel like I want to stay at home and don't have to cook and eat real bad ass food.  And that is when I call for food. 

I am sure you all know justeat, you enter your postcode and they find you places where you can order food at an acceptable distance from your own place, which is better to have food delivered warm enough. 

Also, you can read people's reviews on places, so that you can decide yourself if it is good or not, but you know, if you don't try you will never know if the quality is good or not. Finally, you can choose what type of food you want and when you want your food to be delivered. 

I honestly find this method quite good and helpful for when you have lots of friends coming over for dinner, you have special meals offers or you can divide the price with your friends. Also, useful when you are alone and you are not that much into cooking, or you can't just be bother to cook anything or else, you feel like eating fast food

Enjoyable food most of the time and fast delivery if the place is not too far from yours. A very good option to cook or to have to go out and buy food. My favourite places are Americans' restaurants but also Japanese. I go real bad or real healthy, both ways I don't usually cook any of those types of food, but I do crave them at times so, at least, I can eat them anyways, by ordering online!

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