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Zoo bar

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Let's language exchange

Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

Ok so let's say that you are in London. Doesn't matter if you are here for a little vacation or if you are here to spend a year as an Erasmus student. If you are in London, doesn't matter the reason, you need to experience the London night life style. And when I say London night life style, I am not only referring to drinking and dancing, but also to actually experiment the multicultural London.

Yes, that is maybe what I like the most about London. You walk down the street and can hear and differentiate thousands of accents and languages and if you are a language lover then my dear you are in the right place.

English surely is world wide spoken, but trust me there are a lot of polyglot (people that speak more than 3 languages) out there willing to practice their skills.



There are many places where you can meet people to speak different languages, but I reckon that the Zoo bar is a very great deal. It is centered and after your language exchange offer a quite promising night as it is a disco bar after all.

The language exchange programme is called Mammoth and it takes place every Wednesdays and Sundays. They do also organize events to visit places near London and parties to truly enjoy practicing languages and meet new people from different cultures.

Said that, you can find the website on Facebook by typing Mammoth and join the group, become a member and definitely go once!

The Zoo bar itself is quite a nice place, nice music and nice people, it is always very crowded which means you can always meet nice people in London, but it also means that you might have to queue more than expected.

Well, I would say that once in a while it's worth the try.

Enjoy your language exchange and your night at the Zoo bar.

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