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Le Pain Quotidien

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Le Pain Quotidien

Published by Lucrezia Worthington — 3 years ago

I am sure most of you have heard about this café as there seems to be one on every corner, but for those of you that haven’t this café really is the sh**. The café was founded by a Belgium man called Alain Coumont, who opened his first café in Brussels in 1990.  Le Pain Quotidien bases its philosophy around bread and bringing people together. They believe that whilst they retrieve the warm loaves of bread from the ovens, friends gather around to share this tradition of bread breaking. Their delicious loaves are baked every morning for you to buy and take home. 

Where their café is concerned, they have lots of warm beverages to chose from. My favourite has got to be their matcha latte, as I am obsessed with this little green powder. They give you the choice of milks so I always go with almond milk. One of their specialities however is their Belgium hot chocolate. There is a little story behind this, which really adds a touch of authenticity to every single product. The Belgium hot chocolate is literally a bowl of warm milk and a little cup of warm melted Belgium chocolate you just pour in yourself. The chocolate is rich, dense and perfect for winter. Their serving bowls are always perfect for winter, in fact they are called “Hand Warmers”, because the way you cup them in your hand keeps you warm. 

Le Pain Quotidien

The food is also absolutely delicious. They have a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian options too. They have the breakfast/brunch menu which includes a variety of patisseries, breads and jams, homemade granola served in Greek yoghurt, bowels of fresh fruits and mushroom or goat’s cheese omelettes. For lunch you can chose between delicious organic soups, tartines and healthy salads. They also have a delicious range of cakes, muffins and ready to take home chia puddings if you happen to be in a rush. 

Le Pain Quotidien

I have been many times and I really couldn’t advise a more homily café here in London. The rustic décor adds to a sort of warm feeling and their large tables also mean you can just bring your work and sit in studying for hours sipping on warm drinks. 

For more information check out their website : 

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