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Tower Bridge

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The famous Tower Bridge

Published by Sal ome — 4 years ago


Location of the Bridge

The Tower Bridge is a must-see attraction in London. It is one of the main symbols of the capital of the United Kingdom- particularly England and London. The bridge crosses the river Thames and is close to the London Tower. It has two towers connected to each other at the upper level. It is coloured in red, white and blue, which was designed for the bridge in 1977, when it was painted for Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee.


The bridge deck if accessible for pedestrians, as well as vehicles. Its total length is 801 feet (244 m), height- 213 feet (65 m) and the longest span is 270 feet (82, 3 m). It's a Bascule-Bridge and whenever tall boat comes in, it divides into two parts and goes up.

This is a great structure in London that everyone wants to see and walk on. There’s this pedestrian side on Tower Bridge where pedestrians can walk and cross the bridge and it’s pretty wide, if you want to know the truth. So as you can see on this picture above, something like seven people can walk there at the same time.


Beautiful views from the Bridge

The views from the bridge are amazing. You can look all you want, but you still won’t feel satisfied and you’ll want to look and look and look and never get out of there. You can’t even get tired of looking, if you want to know the truth. And then you’ll look up and see those wonderful details of Tower Bridge and wonder, how could someone do that. You just have no words to describe it. It’s a must-see structure!


We went there from the famous London Tower, crossed a street, went through the embankment and went up on the Tower Bridge. Before crossing it, we had this photo session and enjoyed the picturesque views from there. Then we walked on the bridge and found the spot where the bridge opens. And I don’t know who’s idea it was, but we all stood on that line and kind of looked down- for the photo. It was really funny how all the people crossing the bridge started looking down when getting near to us and they were all those busy people going to work or something like that and the kind of people who cross that bridge every day. Somehow their busy faces changed into surprised and kind of curious ones- it was really funny to look at all of them while they were looking down with curiosity.


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