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  • Place

    Teatro Real

    Real Theatre in Madrid is located in plaza Isabel II, in front of the Real Palace. It is one of the most emblematic buildings in Madrid, especially for its past and history. Founded in 1850, the teathre has been closed and reopened many times during the years, but...

  • Place

    Hard Rock Café

    Hard Rock Café in Berlin, located in Kurfürstendamm in West Berlin, is the ideal place where eat, drink and share music. Hard Rock is a worldwide famous restaurant company based in U. S. A that has developed a very particular style. Sharing the passion for rock music...

  • Place

    Playa de Talamanca

    Talamanca in Ibiza is a beach located close to the Ibiza's city center. Source It's a well-known beach, especially very popular among local people, but it's a really relaxing and peaceful place away from the chaos of the rest of the island. I really advice you to go...

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    If you are in Berlin and love football, you can't miss a visit at one on the most important Germany's stadiums, the Olimpiastadion. Built in 1936 on the occasion of the Berlin's Olympics and closed and reopened many times, Olimpiastadion has got a capacity of 74. 000...

  • Place


    Alhondiga in Bilbao has become a "masterpiece": we are talking about a former warehouse of liquors and wines that has been turned into a cultural and performances center. The story of this place is emblematic to make us understand the incredible change of Bilbao: a...

  • Place

    Heineken museum

    Heineken museum in Amsterdam is such an incredible experience that you can't miss it. Located along the river, on one of the several canals in Amsterdam (Stadhouderskade 78), Heineken experience is a real museum where you can learn a lot about history, production and...

  • Place

    East London

    East London is a particular part of the city: neighborhoods of migrants that today have turned into vibrant and attractive destinations. This depressed area of London has been seen as the new underground cultural center by street artists and from them, all kind of...

  • Place


    If you visit Bilbao, you can't miss the Guggenheim museum of course. But just outside the Museum's main entry, you will be absolutely impressed by the Jeff Koon's masterpiece called "Puppy". It is a flower artwork representing a dog, who is standing at the entry of the...

  • Place

    Plaza de Toros

    Even if you are animalist, the "corrida" is a very ancient Spanish tradition and, like or not, it is a real show. The Plaza de Toros in Madrid is one of the most beautiful and important "arenas" in Spain. The structure is impressive and outside it looks like an ancient...

  • Experience

    Experience in University of Naples 'L'Orientale', Italy by angelo

    Generally, what is University of Naples 'L'Orientale' like? It's a good university especially for professors and subjects studied.What are the facilities like? Palazzo Giusso is in the historic center of Naples and it is a really ancient building. On the other hand,...

  • Place

    Charlottenburg Castle

    Charlottenburg Castle is the only building not destroyed during the Second World War in Berlin. Located in the neighborhood of Charlottenburg in West Berlin, this XVIII century castle is one of the most ancient in West Berlin and also one of the most appreciated for its...

  • Place

    Playa de la Concha

    Playa de la Concha in San SebastĂ n is one of the most known beaches in Spain. It's very important because it's one of the longest urban beaches in Europe and also because the whole city of San SebastiĂ n is famous among surfists who usually come here from all over the...

  • Place


    Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche is one of the most important monuments in Berlin. Located in West-Berlin, in the neighborhood of Charlottenburg, this church was built in 1895 by the Kaiser Wilhelm but was destroyed in 1943 during the II world War. After the war, the...

  • Place

    The Tate modern

    Tate Modern Gallery is a contemporary art museum located on the Bankside of London, really close to the Globe Theatre and the London Bridge. Crossing the Millennium Bridge from S. Paul's Cathedral, you'll reach this museum that is an ex electric central. This is really...

  • Place

    El Rastro Market

    El rastro market is the most important market in Madrid. You can find it just on Sundays in the neighborhood of La Latina in the heart of the historical center of the Spanish capital. You'll find there everything you need: music albums, shoes, clothes, antique trade,...

  • Place

    Neue Synagogue

    New Berlin Synagogue has became a new symbol of the German capital. Located in Oranienburger StraĂźe, close to the museums island, the synagogue had been burnt and destroyed during the Nazi regime and built again in the Sixties in East Berlin. From that moment, the...

  • Place

    Hard Rock Cafè

    Just in front of the underground station of Hyde Park Corner in London, you can see a place that is an inevitable stop for all the rock music lovers: the Hard Rock Café London. It's not a really big space but it's very particular: on the first floor there's a...

  • Place

    Santiago Bernabeu

    Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is a worldwide football institution. Even if you are not a Real Madrid supporter, or you don't like football, if you are in Madrid you can't miss a visit in this place: an open-air museum of the global football. Especially you can't miss a tour...

  • Place

    Playa de Ses Illetes

    Ses Illetes beach is one of the most known beaches in Palma de Mallorca. Located in the municipality of CalviĂ  but really close to the city of Palma (2 km), Ses Illetes is a not very long beach of rocks and sand frequented especially by local people: it's difficult to...

  • Place

    Mercado de la Ribera

    La Ribera Market is a market square inside an architectural structure along the Nervion river. It's the biggest covered market in Europe. Its particular structure is an attraction for tourists and visitors of the Basque city, as well as the peculiar presence of every...

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    Capri's Piazzetta is one of the most fascinating places in Italy. Set of several movies in the past and in the present, it has been turning into a real status symbol place, famous all over the world. If you spend your holyday or just visit Capri, you can't miss a stop...

  • Place

    Berliner Dom

    Berlin Cathedral is on of the most visited monument of the city. Located in the city center, along the course of Spree river and close to Under den Linden and Alexander Platz, The cathedral is a city symbol. Built in 1717, it's got an awesome dome in neoclassical style...

  • Place

    Catedral del Buen Pastor

    The Cathedral of Buon Pastore in San SebastiĂ n (Basque Country) is one of the symbol of the city. Located in the downtown, not so far from the beach of "La Concha", the cathedral was built in 1897 by the architect Manuel de Echave. Its neogothic style is a real...

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    The Palma de Mallorca Cathedral is a symbol of the city that represent the island and its citizens in the rest of the world. Built in the historic center (one of the largest in Europe), the Cathedral is located just in front of the sea rounded by protective walls, is...

  • Place


    Amsterdam is the city of lights! Its canals and bridges, its Reinassence historic center and its strategic position make of Amsterdam one of the most interesting European capitals. Of course, we can't forget its economic role of great port even if in competition with...

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