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  • Any small shop

    Well, there could be many reason to visit many great cities in Europe. But for people who don't speak many european languages, for them the priority is to go somewhere they can communicate with locals, ask for great places to eat or to hangout or go partying or...

    0 by Muhammad Sunny, 7 months ago
  • the Alfred hotel

    After staying in a lot of different hotel all around Amsterdam, I can tell that my very favourite is the Alfred Hôtel. I was lucky to get a room for 34€ by booking the same day. But you have to know that the Alfred Hotel is a 4 stars hotel so it pretty rare to get...

    0 by alice, one year ago
  • Sloterpark

    Sloterpark, Amsterdam Nieuw-West Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the hustle of central Amsterdam. Parks in the city center are often crowded as soon as it’s sunny. If the weather is nice, Sloterpark is a good place to hang out, without doing much other than...

    0 by Kevin, 2 years ago
  • Rijks Museum

    For those of you that don't know what the Rijks is, it is one of the most beautiful palaces in Amsterdam, which hosts an amazing collection of Dutch art and not- Dutch from the Middle Age up to today. If you go to Amsterdam you really have to go, no excuses. Source It...

    0 by Giulia, 5 years ago
  • Hotel De Paris Amsterdam

    Hotel de Paris Amsterdam is a great place to stay while visiting Amsterdam and if you want to have a quick access to the main entertainment facilities, such as museums, bars, restaurants and other stuff.  I didn't  know it was so close to the center of Amsterdam. It...

    0 by Sal, 5 years ago
  • Heineken museum

    Heineken museum in Amsterdam is such an incredible experience that you can't miss it. Located along the river, on one of the several canals in Amsterdam (Stadhouderskade 78), Heineken experience is a real museum where you can learn a lot about history, production and...

    0 by angelo, 6 years ago

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