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the Alfred hotel, 4 stars well-deserved

Translated by alice vasseur — 7 months ago

Original text by Agnès Barral

After staying in a lot of different hotel all around Amsterdam, I can tell that my very favourite is the Alfred Hôtel. I was lucky to get a room for 34€ by booking the same day. But you have to know that the Alfred Hotel is a 4 stars hotel so it pretty rare to get such a low price!

On weekend the hotel is mostly completely booked. I've booked the Sunday night and that must be why the room was so inexpensive.

the Alfred hotel, 4 stars well-deserved


The hotel is very clean, spacious and also classy. The staff is really nice and try their best to speak your language when they can. Rooms are well arranged and got everything you may need.

The Alfred Hotel is in the south of Amsterdam, une pretty chic neighbourhood, near the Amstelveensweg station.It's pretty calm and well served by bus, subway and tramways. By foot we are around 30 min to the city centre.

There is 2 Albert Heijn (supermarkets) close to the hotel and a bunch of quite good restaurants. Especially one Italian, which is a bit pricey but excellent: Restaurant Sardegna.

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