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Dutch flower fields

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The spring highlight on the Dutch coast: colourful flowers fields

Published by Charlotte Mullender — 5 years ago


The Netherlands is a beautiful country with a nice coast side, the great capital of Amsterdam and many cute towns worth a visit. But a special highlight are the colourful flower fields in Holland, which bloom only from the end of March till the middle of May.

Most of them are located at the coast of the Netherlands, behind the north dunes. Around there you will also find the famous Keukenhof, that is around 40 minutes drive from Amsterdam, which is the biggest flower park in Europe. They have huge tulip gardens, flower art, shows and much more... but if you visit the park you have to count on paying an entrance fee that is around 15 Euro (which I personally think is quite a lot for just looking at some nice flowers). But also around Keukenhof you will find plenty of fields with tulips that are just as colourful and beautiful and of course to visit for free!


When I visited Amsterdam with a friend in May, we rented a bike (actually it was a tandem, which is so much fun and if you are two people you should definitely try it! ) and rode along the Dutch coast and through the beautiful flower fields. By “fiets” (Dutch for bicycle) is not only a typical Dutch way to get around but also a really fun and wonderful way to enjoy the country.

If tulips, daffodils or crocus: the pink, red, yellow, orange, white and violet flower fields that fill the air with a wonderful smell are a unique sight to not miss if you get the chance the visit the Netherlands in springtime.


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