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Van Gogh Hostel

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The Hotel Hostel

Published by Aimee Haley — 7 years ago

Wish you could stay in a hotel but don't want to fork over the dough? Then the Van Gogh Hostel in Amsterdam is the place for you. I was lucky enough to spend 2 nights at this gem. This was absolutely the nicest hostel I've ever stayed in.


The Van Gogh Hostel is located just across the street from the Van Gogh Museum, as you might have guessed. It is ideally located to explore the city but is out of the way enough if you'd still like some peace and quiet at night. There is a tram stop just in front of the hostel that will take you to the center and to the central train station. The airport bus also stops just around the corner from the hostel - ideally located if you're there for only a short time and need easy access to/from the airport.


There are multiple room types; I chose the all female room. It had six beds and while the room wasn't too bad a size when everyone had big suitcases, it was a bit difficult to find room to walk. Each room had an attached bathroom that was really nice and new. There was even a flat screen TV in the rooms. The beds were comfortable and pillows of decent quality. If you're lugging big bags like I was, you're in luck because they also have an elevator. Breakfast is unfortunately not included, but it can be purchased for five euros. Breakfast is average, so unless you're in a rush I'd recommend checking something else out.


The hostel staff weren't the friendliest people I've come across nor were they the most helpful. When I asked for a towel because somebody had used mine before I arrived (towels are included in the nightly rate by the way), they were reluctant to give me one. I paid for breakfast on the night I arrived, but the lady who checked me in forgot to include it on my recipt and she forgot to put my name on the paid breakfast list and it took some persuasion to convince the breakfast hostess that I'd paid and could eat. They also really weren't interested in offering help with directions.

This was a rather quiet hostel, full of young people looking to explore the city, yet it lacked a true hostel/backpacker feel. There wasn't any real comfortable space to meet and mingle with other travelers. If this is something that is important to you, then I would suggest looking elsewhere. If all you're concerned about is easy access to the airport, not paying an arm and a leg, and a functioning elevator (due to the large and heavy bags I was carrying), then it's a great place to stay!

The cost of the hostel per night in the female dorm was about 30 euros, so it wasn't cheap but I had a great stay and would stay there again in a heartbeat.

Accomodation in Amsterdam

Translated by Flavia Minoccheri — 3 years ago

Original text by Giulia Sci

Do you travel to the Netherlands?

Are you asking yourself where are you going to stay?

I recommend you to stay at the Van Gogh Hotel.

Surely, I don't know many hotels, as the Van Gogh Hotel is the only place I have been to and only for couple of days, so don't rely on me too much.

The hotel is located in a nice area, easy to get to the centre, only 2 minutes away from the anonymous museum and from the area called: "of museums" for its obvious reasons. The hotel is quite small, but nice. For what I know is divived into an hotel and an hostel. Breakfast costs 5 euros more than expected and it's not that great, but the hotel is clean and welcoming, it has some useful machines which sell things that we may forget, for instaance a tootbrush, deodorant, but the prices are not so realistic, it is better to go to the supermarket behind the hotel. KIt's called Albert Hein, it's everywhere, but there is one jsut behind the hotel which it might be handy!

The stuff is not bad, but there are some they should get fired, a bit rude e they act like first days, who think they are more important than the client, therefore I really hope you won't come across the low quality service that happened to some guests during my stay, this time I have been very luck to not receive this kind of service.

As soon as I got there, I bumped to a really friendly girl who advisesd on what to do or where to go, ma don't expect Dutch people to know a lot about their own country. Apparently as they use bycicles, they don-t know many touristy place. That's a shame.

However, generally speaking, its price and quality is great, taking into account that with this bugdget you're staying in an hotel, rather than an hostel.

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