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French breakfast in the heart of Holland

Translated by Olivia Leicester — 6 months ago

Original text by Claudia Estrella

Hello, everyone! In this post I am going to talk to you about Cocotte, a really cute cafe.

One of my favourite moments from our stay in Amsterdam was the incredible breakfast that I was able to enjoy in Cocotte. This restaurant-cafe is a French place which is found in the heart of the Dutch capital, only a couple of streets away from Dam Square. The reason why we ended up having breakfast in this place is because one of my friends went there on her last trip to Amsterdam, and she told us that it was really worth visiting.


The truth is that she was completely right. Cocotte is in the corner of Calle Spuistraat, very peaceful and lovely, which contrasts with the hustle and bustle of the main square which is some streets away. The place is really cosy, with some enormous windows and very subtle but beautiful decor. There are some stairs which go upstairs, but it is quite a small place. In the bar, you will find lots of different freshly-made pastries and biscuits and even though the menu may seem a little expensive, I promise you that the price is worth it. All of the ingredients are really high quality and the meals that they offer are freshly-made. Even the coffee is fairtrade and there are vegan options.


The restaurant's chef is from Brittany, the North-East of France, and his speciality is tart tatin and savoury crepes and everything that we ordered was really delicious. Despite the fact that the place is French, we were looking for a typical Dutch breakfast, so we ordered one of the breakfast options from the venue which came with typical Dutch bread. Apart from the breakfasts, they also offered crepes, both savoury and sweet, throughout the hole day, as well as brunch, drinks and other desserts. The price was about 7 euros for a crepe and 11 to 14 euros for breakfast. The hot chocolate that they gave us seemed very strange, because it was actually a very hot cup of milk, and then a little bowl with dark chocolate chips which melt when you put them in the milk.


If you want to go to have a treat whilst enjoying the city of Amsterdam, I most definitely recommend that you try Cocotte, especially at breakfast time. You will fall in love with the French atmosphere of the cafe, as well as its decor and most of all, the food. The opening hours are from 9am till 6pm everyday, except for Saturdays when it is open till 9pm.


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