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Hotel De Paris Amsterdam

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Hotel de Paris Amsterdam is a place you'll want to stay

Published by Sal ome — 4 years ago


Hotel de Paris Amsterdam is a great place to stay while visiting Amsterdam and if you want to have a quick access to the main entertainment facilities, such as museums, bars, restaurants and other stuff. 

I didn't  know it was so close to the center of Amsterdam. It was a nice surprise for me. So I could just walk to any museum or restaurant or park... The hotel is near Leidseplein _ the main entertainment place in Amsterdam, so a lot of things are located there and every tourist goes there to have fun and sightsee.

Clerks in Hotel de Paris Amsterdam are very nice to talk to,  they know their job and try to please you in any way. The front desk girl and man the other day were people who would help you in any way they could. The rooms are nicely tidied up, very well organised and everything is very cozy. 

There are pretty cool bathrooms  in the rooms, small cute shampoos changed everytime, fine towels...There was a LED TV in my room, for which I paid 60 euros for a day and I didn't expect it to be so great. It had a TV, large bed for two person, a telephone, nice white cute  curtains, wide windows, great heating, a table with a nice office chair, some magazines, a large wardrobe, and even a vault for important stuff. It was a room you wouldn't want to leave ever!

The breakfast was great. I liked it very much. There was everything anyone would want to eat at breakfast: bread, eggs, bacon, cookies, juice, vegetables, fruit, tea, coffee, cakes, etc.

The entrance was also very beautiful. Almost everything was in deep red ad there were some cool posters and tourist guides, etc.

Reasons why you should  stay at Hotel de Paris Amsterdam: 

  • Public transport is right in front of the hotel
  • 'Q Park' car park facility is within walking distance
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Breakfast buffet
  • 24 hours reception service
  • Park, Museums, Restaurants & Bars, Theater & Cinema are in walking distance


Well, getting  there was easy from Amsterdam Centraal. We just took a taxi and he brought us exactly there. And the thing is, he knew exactly where the Hotel de Paris was. So, I’m sure you all know, how large the city of Amsterdam is and when he told us that he knew where the hotel was, I was like proud of the choice that the girls had made. So, to tell you the details, I was not planning on staying in Amsterdam after those two weeks or something in Ommen, because I didn’t want to miss some lectures at my university. But then I decided to stay for a little longer in the heart of the Netherlands _ in Amsterdam. And I’m really glad that I did!

So, before we even flew to the Netherlands, the other girls decided that they would stay in Amsterdam, so they surfed the Internet and searched for some hotels where they could stay and they wanted that hotel to be near the center of Amsterdam so that they would not have to deal with all the transport and stuff like that and they could just get to the main attractions very quickly. So they chose this Hotel de Paris and booked a room of four people and they got not very expensive to pay each.

From Ommen to Amsterdam

When I decided to stay in Amsterdam too, we went there together from Ommen by train. It was a long journey considering our stuffed baggage and backpacks and our heavy clothes as it was nearly winter and it was cold outside. Just getting on train was hilarious.

We waited there on the station for a long time trying to understand how to buy tickets, but everything was in Dutch and we could not understand anything and there was no one there around to ask. There was this one café and it was closed, too.

So what could we do? Well, we waited. Then a young guy came nearby and we just sort of jumped at him and asked so many questions, that he could not even breathe. Well, it turned out that he also was going to Amsterdam and he helped us get one way tickets. Then our friend asked him about the sim card she had in her phone and could not understand how to top it up and she was like “hey, can you help me, I’m dialing this number on this check and someone’s answering and it’s in Dutch and I can’t understand anything…” and the guy did help her and it was about 15 minutes or so that they were trying to top it up with that call. At last, everything turned out fine and we were off to go. The train came and we all went on it. It was cozy in the train. We sat on those blue seats and we knew it was 15 minutes until we had to change the train in Zwolle, so we just tried to sleep or relax or whatever. It was kind of exciting to know that we were going to Amsterdam.

Hotel de Paris Amsterdam is a place you'll want to stay

Getting to Hotel de Paris Amsterdam

Arriving in Amsterdam, it was whole new world before us. Amsterdam Centraal was huge and all the people were going here and there. We walked slowly, looking around and enjoying the moments there. There were people gathered near the entrance and we saw a boy was playing a piano and he was playing it pretty well, so I wanted to stay there for some time and listen to him… Then we went outside, there were taxis all over the places. And we took one of them and he knew where our hotel was and he also gave us some advices about what and how to see in Amsterdam and stuff like that. I guess, I’ve mentioned something about the taxi driver in another blog, but in case I have not, I want to tell you that he turned out to be Turkish, and since Georgia has a border on south-west with Turkey, he was glad that we were Georgians and he even said, that he had a Georgian friend and asked us how it was going in Georgiaand stuff like that.

Hotel de Paris Amsterdam is a place you'll want to stay

When we got to the hotel he stopped the car, helped us with our baggage and wished us good luck. We were thankful. However, I think he charged us a little too much for that ride, but, hey, what are you going to do?! Every taxi driver charges tourists and the people going from the main points, such as airports and stuff like that with more money than the usual.

So, we were there, in front of Hotel de Paris Amsterdam! We went in. And it was really amazing there. The entrance was decorated with two golden statues. They were like angels, but I really don’t know what they were actually. Then there was another door and we went in the hotel entrance. There were elevator and stairs in front of us and on the left there was a room where the registration desk was and there was another room with an entrance just beside the registration desk and there were those tables and seats and food and everything.

When entering there, there was this nice young lady who smiled at us and got ready for us to check in or give us the key or something. There was a lovely atmosphere around and we felt like home, and there were all these pictures of Amsterdam and the Netherlands and Hotel de Paris, etc. And there were the maps, of course. There were many maps and the catalogues, too. So there was everything about Amsterdam and canal cruises and museums and events and stuff. To be honest, that’s a great thing about hotels, _ you can leave the keys of your room to the register desk clerk and you can just go out, and if someone living in your room needs the key, they can just go to the register clerk and just ask for the key. That’s so simple and great and efficient! I like that.

Hotel de Paris Amsterdam is a place you'll want to stay

Well, I told you, that I hadn’t booked any room there as I was not going to stay, and now I had to book a room. At first, I thought I would be in the room the girls had booked and it would be amazing _ all the five of us together in one room, but she said, that the room was considered to be for four persons only and so that I had to book a room just for myself, a single room…

Well, what could I do? So I booked a single room with a 60 euros a night. Considering all this, I was waiting for a casual room with one bed and a wardrobe or something and a bath and that’s all I was waiting for. But it was not just  that! So, we went upstairs.

As I’ve told you, there was an elevator and stairs, too. Stairs were pretty narrow and kind of like those ones in castle towers and stuff. So, it was not very comfortable to go up with the stairs, but getting down was also not great, too. Hence, we just used the elevator.

Well, the girls’ room was on the second floor. We went there at first. It was a large room with four beds. There was a bathroom, too, and it was really large, too! It was a bath where you would go in and would not want to get out of there. There was everything necessary and plenty of towels and shampoos and dental kits and stuff like that. So it was like not really heaven, but nearly something like that. There were wardrobes in the room, of course and two small tables with lamps on them, and other smaller ones beside the beds with drawers and stuff. And the greatest thing about the room was that it had a balcony. This was a large balcony where we all could just go and enjoy the beautiful view of Leidseplein in Amsterdam. There were huge windows and the door was made of glass, too, and the curtains were pure white, and it was hot in the room and they had these windows opened and the cold breeze was coming into the room and the curtain was like gliding or something. It was really cool. So, about the balcony, from there you could see that wide street with tram lines all over it. And there was a toy peacock fallen down somewhere near the balcony on another building and I found that very hilarious. I even got a picture of it. The toy was really pretty, though.

Rooms in Hotel de Paris Amsterdam

Then I went upstairs, my room was on the 4-th floor, if I remember correctly. Oh, yes, another thing, the keys to the rooms were extraordinary.Well, at least, I haven’t seen keys similar to those ones. They were huge. Okay, not that huge, but still. However, they were kind of pretty, too. There was carved this “Hotel de Paris” with big letters.


So, I went to my room and I was rather surprised, as you would already have guessed as I mentioned that several times already in my blog or my blogs, I don’t really remember, anyways, the room was pretty large for one person. There were two beds and it was like twin beds more or less, there were two small chest of drawers on each side of bed and with lamps on them and a telephone and stuff. There was this table like office table with drawers and office chair and there were some magazines on the table. There was a LED TV, too with a perfect remote control.

Hotel de Paris Amsterdam is a place you'll want to stay

There were those huge windows, just like those ones in the girls’ room, and those white curtains and stuff. And the central heating was on and it was kind of hot there and it was great. There was a wardrobe on the left from the entrance door, and there were these hangers and shelves in there, of course, and there even was a vault for something you would want to hide or put in there or something. And then there was the bathroom. There was this bathtub and a large mirror and towels everywhere and shampoos and toothbrush and toothpaste, and, you know, all the stuff that a person needs for a personal hygiene. The water shell was really beautiful. It was green and had a kind of transparent effect, but it was not really transparent.


Dining in Hotel de Paris Amsterdam

So, it was already night and I was in the girls’ room, of course, and we were just talking and remembering all the hilarious things that happened to us back in Ommen and just enjoying our time together. Then we got hungry and so we _ me and another girl, just went downstairs to get some food. There was this coffee machine, and, I really don’t get why people call it a coffee machine when it’s not just a coffee machine. It can also make hot chocolate and tea and stuff. Well, anyways, we had two cappuccinos, one normal coffee and a hot chocolate for us and there was this automat full of Snickers bars and Twix and Fanta, Coca cola, SevenUp, and all the other stuff and we just got plenty of chocolates and juice. We took so much stuff, that we could barely hold them in our hands. Fortunately, there was the elevator! We just got in there and got to the room.

On the first morning, when I went downstairs and I looked at this café thing, I noticed that people served themselves with all kinds of food and stuff and, since I didn’t really know much about the hotel, I was kind of tangled what to do, could I, too, take those stuff from the side tables or not. And, well, to my fortune, that nice young lady came into the room and I asked her if the food was for everyone that had had booked rooms there in Hotel de Paris Amsterdam. So she said I could have the coffee and tea and hot chocolate and stuff. And the breakfast I could have, too. I didn’t get the whole thing, but since I could have the breakfast, that was fine for me. So I told this other girls, too, and we all went there in the café and had a nice breakfast. There was everything for a perfect European breakfast.There even were some boiled eggs. There were all those candies and cookies and chocolates and stuff. Also, some tomatoes and cucumbers and apples. There were also some cheese, ham and bacon and sausage, etc. There were also some sweet rolls and French croissants and croissants with chocolate and other fillings and stuff. So you see now, why I said, that it was kind of perfect breakfast for anyone.


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