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Rijks Museum

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Rijsk Museum - Amsterdam

Published by Giulia Sci — 4 years ago

For those of you that don't know what the Rijks is, it is one of the most beautiful palaces in Amsterdam, which hosts an amazing collection of Dutch art and not- Dutch from the Middle Age up to today.

If you go to Amsterdam you really have to go, no excuses.



It is located in the centre of Amsterdam, more to the south-west of it and it is near other two museums, Van Gogh museum; that by the way is pronounced: Choch (as in you are scratching your throat a little bit) and the other museum is the Stedelijk Museum and finally, there is a place, which is not really a Museum, but it is worth to see it once you are in that area anyway, it is called Concertgebouw. Beautiful architecture and I would say to see it during the day in the light, but also at night when the area is all illuminated by many little lights, an amazing atmosphere, a little bit like late Christmas. There also a little pond which is iced and therefore, people go ice skating there, so Christmasy really!



All of them are located in the MuseumPlein or Museum District for obvious reasons. Easy to go from one to the other, however, it is important to watch the time, as each museum has its own rush hour. It usually is around 11 am up to 2 pm that people are all around visiting either one or the other museum.

Tickets can be purchased online at a cost of 15 euros while it is 17, 50 euros at the desk. It looked quite faster to go at the desk to me, they do not do any student discount, but the ticket is definitely worth it. You could stay 2h in each museum and there are very nice collections and also at the Rijks you could learn a lot about history and the Dutch art, which I felt a little bit ignorant about, as I never really studied it that much at school.



The area, also offers bars, kiosks and cafés, restaurants and free benches where to seat and eat and relax, above all if it is a sunny day, the square will be quite crowded.

Finally, between all the museums in this area, I personally preferred the Rijks, simply because the collection is bigger and there is so much history in there that you feel like you have been back to school once you go out of the museum. Van Gogh museum was good as well, but not as educational than the Rijks. Also, you will find some of the Van Gogh pieces in the Rijks museum!

Well, your turn now, let me know which museum you have preferred.



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