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brouwerij ‘t ij

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The best beer in Amsterdam

Published by Giuseppe Cascavilla — 5 years ago

It's not a normal beer bar. What im going to describe to you it's kind of Mecca, it's something like "the eternity city", do not call it bar... it's a religion, it's a way to get relaxed from the daily routine.

The bar is not far away from Amsterdam city center. I'm not talking to you about something you can smoke or you can fuck. No, anything related to that. Here is just a place were you can chitchat, where you can see the best landscape from Amsterdam, where you can drink a beer... yes you can drink a beer, but not a normal beer. All the beers here are home made and hand made. When the beer it's finished.... it's finished, full stop, they delete the beer from the blackboard and that's it.

Yes, you can drink beers.... not normal beers. All the beers in this bar are following the seasons. Basing on the season they use to make different beers to drink. To taste. To try.

All of that have a price between 2. 10€ and 2. 60€... it's cheap, it's amazing... it's super cool.

There is also the possibility to have a tour to give a look how they produce this amazing liquid..... typically called "beer".


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