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  • The Dolphins Coffee Shop

    Anyone looking for somewhere warm, pleasant and relaxed to spend a leisurely afternoon need look no further than The Dolphins Coffee Shop in Amsterdam. We were looking for a coffee shop we hadn't tried before, so basically one that wasn't The Greenhouse or Hunter's...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • Pllek

    I can remember wooden tables, the beautiful waitress, the broken glass, the fantastic food, the joke of the drunk guy to the bathroom, musicians of all over the world, the Moroccan place for drink, the low light, the paper, and children’s drawings, card games, I lost,...

    0 by Thomas, 5 years ago
  • brouwerij ‘t ij

    It's not a normal beer bar. What im going to describe to you it's kind of Mecca, it's something like "the eternity city", do not call it bar... it's a religion, it's a way to get relaxed from the daily routine. The bar is not far away from Amsterdam city center. I'm...

    0 by Giuseppe, 6 years ago

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