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Casa dos Waffles

Published by flag- Ambra Marcucci — 6 years ago

Casa dos Waffles Porto

Located in the main shopping street of Porto (Rua Santa Catarina), you have the waffles house of Porto. The same estabishment already existed for over ten years, but in Póvoa de Varzim (sub-region of Porto). The new one in the city center of Porto exists since June 2015, so it’s very recent. They represent the traditional Belgium concept of waffles, but in Portugal. The cafe is runned by a couple, the woman is a biologist and her husband is an engineer, so they do not dedicate all their time to the waffle house and they also have their own jobs. They saw the opening of a waffle house as a new challenge. I daily passed the small cafe, and there is this incredibly delicious smell of waffles. You can smell the waffles from very far away. So one day I couldn’t resist that delightful smell and I decided to try a waffle. My prediction couldn’t be more true: fantastic!


They have no secrets about their waffle recipe: butter, eggs, milk, flour and sugar are enough. However, the secret is in the proportions of each ingredient, and that’s what makes their waffles so good and unique. The site is small and cozy, and they also have some tables outside for when the weather is good. Around 20 people fit into the place. Despite that they represent something from another country, the interior and the exterior of the waffle house look very traditionally Portuguese. That’s what I like about it: they maintain their own traditions but they are open for international concepts!


The simple waffles or waffles with sugar or cinnamon are €1, 60. If you want your waffles with dried fruits, whipped cream or honey, they cost 2, 10€ each. The more “healthy” waffles are decorated with various fruits like peach, strawberries, mango and banana and cost €3. 10. If you don’t really care about calories (why would you, you are going to eat a waffle anyway so why don’t you do it well! ) you can opt for the ones with hot chocolate or Nutella (for only €2, 60). To make it the best waffle ever you can have it with a scoop of handmade ice-cream for €3, 30.



The waffle house is open from Monday till Saturday from 10. 30 until 19. 30.

(Note: the pictures are taken from their official Facebook page).

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