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Queima das Fitas

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Trying to have fun?!

Published by flag-pt Joana Nunes — 6 years ago

My fellow erasmus buddys, if you're coming to Porto in May there's certainly one event you can not miss! And that is...


I can't even tell you how much fun our Academic Federation (FAP) provides in this entire week!

Let's start with the concerts: mainly it's all about Portuguese artists but sometimes we have some international ones too, for instance, these year we had JAMES ARTHUR and JAMES MORRISON. 

For those we appreciate a little bit more noise and a proper beat FAP has set up a tent where some DJs play some recent music but with their remixes and stuff!

It's actually impossible not to have fun around here!

Every institution has its own stand where they normally sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and sometimes food!

FAP also provides carousels and some stands of typical festival food, like hot-dogs, steaks, bifanas, kebabs, hamburgers, aso!

Trust me, if you're going to be here when this event takes place try to go at least one night, you won't regret it! There's always room to meet some new people and to get to know even a little bit more of the academic life!

It is my second year as an universitarian and I must say that every single time I went, I did not regret it!

If you want some further info, let me know!

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