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Mercado do Bolhão

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Local food

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 2 years ago

Visiting a place is not only about going to monuments, museums and walking on the streets, it's also about learning and living the local culture, and you can do that eating. Porto is a city with many typical food, such as Francesinha (a sandwich with lots of ham, cheese, meat, sausages and eggs, covered with a nice spicy sauce and served with french fries), but the place you will find most of the city's typical food is at Mercado do Bolhão (or Bolhão market, in English).

Local food

Local food

It is an old place for farmers market, with more than two hundred years of history. It has two floors of small food shops and some souvenir selling as well. You can enjoy Porto wines, cheeses, meats and fish there and also buy some olives and other portuguese typical food.

Local food

Local food


It is a nice place to visit and get to know more about portuguese gastronomy. Also, it is located in a very touristic area, called Santo Idelfonso, with many nice clothing shops and other important monuments, such as Santo Idelfonso church, São Bento train station, Santa Catarina street and more.

Local food

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